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Cosmo-ly Hell (warning- things go south quickly… literally and figuratively)


This month’s issue of Cosmopolitan made me wonder why my girlfriend gave me a subscription to this in the first place. Fashion and make up tips? Fine.

But, hey… I don’t have a post pandemic sex bucket list and don’t plan on making one any time soon.



But if I did?

I can assure you this wouldn’t be on it.



Good grief. I’ve been known to blog about my trips to the grocery store… but I seriously doubt anyone wants to read about that happening in the middle of aisle 12.

After the bucket list, there was a list of commonly asked questions.



I don’t know about you, but that’s not something I commonly ask.



And I can guaran-damn-tee you I’ve never asked that!!



I’m not going to show the answers to that one, you’ll never look at the contents of your kitchen cabinets the same way, but I’ll leave you with this more than slightly suggestive accompanying photo.




This is what passes for a woman’s magazine these days.

Hell, I’m not a prude… but it seems like these articles would be more suited to Hustler or Gynecologist’s Quarterly.


Who? What! Why….?


Who would invent such a thing?

What would make them think this was a good idea?

And why would anyone ever want to buy it?


Wonder what I’m talking about?

It’s this:




You read that correctly.

Brewers in Poland have developed a fermented beer made from the vaginal lactic acid of beautiful women.

Doesn’t that sound yummy?




If you want to read more about it…..  here.

The entire idea is as ridiculous as it is disgusting, which is why I had to blog about it.




Because if this crap has to rattle around in my brain?

I need to make sure it rattles around in yours as well.


Things that make me say WTH?


Stupid products….

Keeping the American economy strong for decades.



The Crunch Cup. So you can drink your morning cereal…




Most important meal of the day? Maybe.

But you should know my husband’s cardiologist (the top rated man at the largest and best hospital in our state) said breakfast cereal is a top contributor to obesity and diabetes in this country. He won’t even allow it in his house.

So no cereal sippy cups for us.




Toaster bags.




Now I don’t know about you, but the day I’m too lazy to butter my bread?

I’ll just hang it up for good and take to my bed with a case of Patron.




No, this is not an iPhone ball delivery system for playing catch with Fido.


IMG_2961 (2)

Pooch Selfies.

Kill me now.




Okay…. I can almost see the attraction here.




And while this may look a little odd?




The Guzzle Buddy has my name written all over it.

But this?




This is a bridge too far.


IMG_2963 (2)



Just… no.




I don’t know about you?

But a hydrated ass is the least of my worries right now.







Things my husband does that make me say WTH?


So I went out to the garage a while ago and saw he had moved the snow blower.

And while that in itself isn’t strange…

This was.


truck 1






Yes, that’s a bungee cord with one end hooked to the mirror…..




And the other end hooked to the blower chute.

It took me a minute to realize he did this due to the limited space on his side of the building.

How limited?

Here’s a shot of the back end.








I’d say he had backed up as far as he could.




The more logical solution of throwing out all that crap treasure not withstanding.




Time to fess up….


Which one of you boneheads is peeing in my birdbath every night?

Because this is getting old.

Every afternoon I clean out the birdbath.




Filling it with sparkling clean, cool water for our birds to drink and take a bath.

And then every morning I wake up to this:




Every single morning.


Fun’s over. Admit your crime.

The midnight madness must stop.


I must lead a sheltered life.


Because not only had I never heard of this woman and her bizarre career choice….

But I was totally unaware there was an audience for it as well.

I have an iPhone.

Which means I have Apple News.

So last week I was scrolling through the stories of the day and stumbled across this:





I shouldn’t have watched.

I know that…. believe me. But I thought it was a joke. I figured I would laugh and blog about the ridiculousness of it.

It wasn’t a joke.

And apparently this is a thing.

There’s an entire  YouTube  channel devoted to watching Dr. Sandra Lee pop people’s pimples.

She has 5,643,803 subscribers FFS!

I fear for the future of the human race when over half a billion people have nothing better to do than watch this:





We’re doomed I tell you.


Too good not to share… the finale.


Crazy real estate agent’s photos part 3, and let’s start it off with a bang.

Or a boom as the case may be..




There’s so much wrong with this I don’t even know where to start. Aside from the obvious WTF factor…. this guy looks like he’s getting ready to goose you. Why are his hands open wide? Why do you have to reach into his chest to flush? And considering what he must see everyday… why  the hell is he smiling?







Someone clearly had too much time… and acrylic paint… on their hands.




Just your normal bathroom/dining room combo…




And bathroom/kitchen combo….




And bathroom/bedroom combo.







Not just for outside anymore.




When you live in the city… but your wife really wants a cow.




Because sun shade awnings are stylish anywhere.




Proof positive there is such a thing as too much togetherness.





I’m not sure what’s more disturbing about this bizarre bathtub… the fact that it’s covered in carpet?

That it has 4 decorative poles?

Or that it appears to have an electric heater installed on the side?




I don’t know.

I really don’t.