The herd.




It’s been deer central at Casa River lately.




With upwards of 14 at a time.




Lots of repeat visitors from past years, and though they might all look the same to you…. we recognize and call quite a few of them by name.

Alright… Pregnant, the Buck, Little Guy and Dark Doe aren’t so much names as designations. But still.




Our resident buck’s antlers are starting to grow back….




Which always makes me think of Carrie Fisher’s Princess Leia’s doughnut hairdo.




They’re all currently blowing winter coats and the lawn is full of hair clumps.




Which the birds, chipmunks and squirrels scoop up for their spring nests.




Mother Nature is a wonderful thing.

35 thoughts on “The herd.”

  1. Mark was reading something the other day that said, if I recall correctly, that deer antlers have some kind of similarity with tumors. Or skin cancer. He didn’t share the link with me, just told me in passing, but I’ll see if he can find it if you’re interested.

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  2. Yeah, squirrels will use about anything for a nest… though I’d never thought of deer fur before. On a tip from someone else, I once threw out a bunch of my dryer lint for them, but my squirrels must have better taste than to use it since it just sat in my yard…

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  3. There are probably 30 carcasses between home and work. They need to cross more quickly. Can you teach this bunch to do that? Maybe they’ll pass the word……

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