Because you can’t say no to free trees.


In an effort to beautify his farm, our neighbor grew 100 silver birch trees. He planted a row of them  (54!)  alongside the road and I must say…. they’ll look impressive in a few years.

Next thing we knew he was planting them down his driveway, on the next door neighbor’s property and along the road on the other side of the street.

Not wanting to be left out, I asked if we could buy 3 to put in front of our big barn.




He said no.

But that he would be over the next day to give us three and plant them.

We love our neighbors.




This half dead flowering plum will have to go.




Spring was late in coming this year, and while our lawn is still trying to recover from some mid May snow and frost and doesn’t look it’s best yet, I had to laugh at the husband’s reaction to having parts of it disturbed.




You know that man in your neighborhood who’s constantly outside raking, picking up twigs, and screaming “Get off my lawn!” at children? That’s my husband. He’s been known to mow the same patch of grass 3 times in one day.




And yes, I bought him that shirt.

I think watching our neighbor tear up and fling the soil around was physically painful for him.





But he endured with stoic silence.




And we all got in on the act.




Say no to free trees?




23 thoughts on “Because you can’t say no to free trees.”

  1. I like free. Funny about your husband being *that* guy in the neighborhood. I cannot imagine caring about grass enough to mow the same patch multiple times. Fascinating behavior, though.

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  2. How awesome and fast those trees have grown! The common tree around here are Mulberry’s and the female ones are actually illegal to plant now because they are the ones that produce the most pollen and of course the mulberries, which taste yucky.

    One popped up a couple of years ago in my front yard, I didn’t know it was a female mulberry until last year, when it started producing berries and tons of pollen. Now the stupid doves I’ve been trying to get out of my back yard eat those berries and poop all over the front yard sidewalk…..bastards!

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