They do come in threes.


First my husband wanted to clean out the barn.

Then he planted some trees.

And if those two things weren’t miraculous enough? I woke up the other morning to this:



The husband, behind the baby barn.. with a pick axe.



Rototilling some dirt the old fashioned way.



I couldn’t believe it was happening.



But he was finally willing to do something with the giant patch of weeds he wouldn’t let me turn into a garden bed.



He turned the soil over.

He raked it.

He even *gasp!* spread grass seed.



I couldn’t believe it.



Then he pulled this out…



And I could.



No new fangled high tech sprinkler for my husband. No sir.

Not when one from the middle of the last century he bought at a yard sale for a quarter is available.



Did it work?

Well, not quite.



The twirling sprinkler didn’t twirl…. but the husband was not deterred.



He twirled it manually with the rake handle while I tried (unsuccessfully) not to laugh.

But the biggest miracle of all?



Was his sacred pile of dirt.

That weed encrusted dirt pile has been an eyesore for almost 5 years. I was forbidden to touch it because, it’s dirt.

He might need it one day.






He dug into it….



Leveled it flat and spread grass seed.



Though he did switch to my more modern hose attachment for the final watering.

So there you have it. Proof positive miracles do happen.

And come in threes.

15 thoughts on “They do come in threes.”

  1. Poor guy! Even when he does something just to make you happy (because we all know he doesn’t like to do all the things you talk about, including playing with his treasures like the sprinkler!) you complain!!

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  2. I am definitely not showing your post to my wife — she might get ideas which wouldn’t bod well for my meditation time, which happens to run from dawn to dusk.However, if you’d care to do a post which shows you waiting on hubby hand and foot (as is his due), I’ll be happy to share it with her like the loving husband I am.

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