He just can’t help himself.


We went over to visit some friends the other night.

Sat outside and had a few cocktails Covid style.

And then out of the corner of his eye…. the husband spied something.




It was this mini chain saw his friend’s wife had bought to clear some small brush in their backyard.

And, because you know it had to happen….




He really can’t help himself.



30 thoughts on “He just can’t help himself.”

  1. Mine bought a chain saw when it was a “really good price” shortly after we bought the house.

    First thing I did was look for trees.

    There were some hanging over from the peripherals behind the fence of neighbours. (We’re in an urban neighborhood). And two small trees on our property with branches thinner than my arm.

    But not anything we can cut down with the chain saw…😳

    But now we got to store a new chain saw! How fun! In the already crammed space in the shed, next to the 60 screwdrivers! 😶

    (He’s not a putterer. He’s a pilot.) 😀😭

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