A woodchuck dump.


Don’t get excited, it’s a photo dump. No one wants to see the other kind.

My files are filled with woodchuck pictures.




Mother and baby on the rock wall.




Mother bringing Junior to the back deck.




Junior checking out the back deck.




Junior checking out the new grill.




Two babies on the other rock wall.




Two babies playing tag.




Two babies eating apples.

You see how this goes? I flood you with woodchuck photos and you say awww.




Here’s a woodchuck, a turkey and a duck for variety.




Momma had 6 babies and I have yet to get them all in one picture.




But now would probably be a good time to say awww.



19 thoughts on “A woodchuck dump.”

  1. Based on your recent fascination with chuckers, I think it’s time to consider changing your username from Rivergirl to Woodchuckgirl. After all, you’re just as adorable as they are, and, except for not being quite as hairy, you’re almost as cute.

    Liked by 1 person

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