Because I have too much time on my hands this afternoon.


If you have predictive text on your cell phone, grab it and let’s play.

Remember The Princess Bride movie?

No, I don’t either. But apparently there’s a quotable line from the film that goes like this….




So a Facebook friend of mine tagged me to play the 2020 version.

Start texting My name is…..

You killed my….

Prepare to….

And let predictive text do the rest.


My results:

My name is not the big barn.  ( seriously, that’s what I got! )

You killed my husband and he didn’t even know.  ( it’s true he’s not very observant, but still. )

Prepare to be a little more than the kale.  ( I seriously hope I’m a lot more than that foul weed. )

Not kidding, that’s what it said.




Apparently my iPhone is freakishly tuned in to my life.

Which if I stopped laughing, might make me a little worried.






17 thoughts on “Because I have too much time on my hands this afternoon.”

    1. My name is not in a bit more than I can do it again.
      You killed my brother passed out in my life.
      Prepare to get the mail from the mall and get a new recipe for your address.


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  1. One of my all time favorite movies! It’s INCONCEIVABLE that I wouldn’t play this…

    My name is the guy named John. (NOT!)
    You killed my brother in law. (Depending on which one that might not be a bad thing.)
    Prepare to get the best medicine in your area. (My Dad often gave me some “medicine” that came in the form of a belt to my sensitive area.)

    Fun! Fun! Fun!

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  2. Thats actually pretty cool. Ugh too many Princess Bride fans around here, I hear that quote like all the freaking time. To which I respond….”Luke, I am your Father.” That shuts them up pretty good…lmao.

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