Another woodchuck dump.


Of photos.

But after the post I did the other day, I don’t blame you for wondering.




Babies have grown up.




And venture out daily. Three in the above picture.




They are also getting fat.




Though I can’t imagine why.




I’m sad to say I saw a fox run off with one in it’s mouth last week.




And though momma chuck does her best, nature will occasionally have her way.




She started with 6 children, went down to 4…. and now it’s 3.




Quadruplets are now triplets.

But they’re still fun to watch….




I’m still trying to make friends…




And Momma still needs a good support bra.






9 thoughts on “Another woodchuck dump.”

  1. Right after I took my contacts out last night, around 8pm-ish (so it was still light out) and before I went looking for my glasses (why do they keep wandering off?) I saw 3 big hunks in places on the lawn I don’t remember seeing before. I squinted, thinking it was gardening stuff I hadn’t put away. (An unlikely scenario but it does happen.)

    Then a hunk moved.

    So did the other 2.

    Big. Fat. Raccoons.

    By the time I got my glasses on my face I saw them in the tree staring at me.

    Shoulda kept my phone close. 😉

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