Hullo gawgeous…..




Our buck finally showed up at a light enough hour for me to get some decent photographs.




Yes you, you handsome devil.




And while I love seeing him….




I fully appreciate his wariness and reticence to visit the nightly buffet.




When you’re that handsome you have to be careful.




His rapidly growing rack will make him a prime target of every yahoo with a rifle in a  few months.




And the thought of his beautiful head mounted on someone’s wall makes me physically ill.




But for now, he and his family are safe.




And we enjoy our rare sightings.




Even if his rude wife does keep sticking her tongue out at me.

18 thoughts on “Hullo gawgeous…..”

  1. That is a handsome buck, so I imagine popular with the gals.Our pug sticks his tongue out mainly when he is enjoying having his back rubbed by one of us. This is to let the other know your turn is coming.

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