Odd products.


Because sometimes you have to look twice.



To me, this looks like strips of wet, tie dyed paper and as such… not the least bit appetizing.



Oh, it’s a healthy vegetable?

Well that explains it.

I’ll try it as soon as I finish my pile of kale.



Hundreds of customers are rarely wrong, but while I like a good massage as much as the next girl?

I’m not using something that looks like my great grandfather’s ballsack.

Just…. no.

This last product isn’t necessarily odd, but it did make me wonder.



Have I been using nail polish made from rendered beef fat all these years?


20 thoughts on “Odd products.”

  1. The strips looked like seaweed, kind of like life in Korea where I sampled bugs, and unknowns but I was …so naive. I think there is a saying my mom used to say. “God protects the innocent and the fools.”

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      1. I am reminded of one of my former co-workers who I spoke with yesterday. She told me after finding out my age, “Wow, you have taken great care of yourself. You look good” and then reminding me she is 80 years old and interested in a new job!! Got to love her. I thought she thought I was 35 but she did shave 8 years off my age.

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  2. The main ingredient in perfume is whale blubber, which you can also eat. Notice I said YOU can eat. Damn sure not me, or that algae crap…or Kale. Or turnip greens, or mustard greens….but I can eat spinach in healthy quantities. Thing is, why eat kale when they still grow butter lettuce?

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      1. And I thought I was the only one on earth that was not on the “Eat Kale or your health will go south” diet plan. Replace Charmin? I guess that gives new meaning to “roughage”.

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