Let’s play…..


Because I don’t have time to post 50 pictures of squirrels or crap in the husband’s barn this morning.




John Oliver is coming to rescue me.

Technically he’s not a fictional character, but if you watch the show…. you know he’s a character all the same.




Of course with John doing the saving, I predict the rescue won’t go as planned and the kidnapper will have two hostages instead of one…

But at least I’ll be laughing while chained to that metal pole.

Who’s coming to rescue you?

55 thoughts on “Let’s play…..”

  1. Well, I’ll probably be dead because the last TV show I watched was The Boys a couple weeks ago.

    If this scenario could include movies…I’m still screwed. Yesterday we had a family movie night because it was my youngest’s 17th birthday and he wanted to watch the movie Taken. Everything would have been great if Liam Neeson was coming to save me, but then Mark had the brilliant idea that he and I should watch a cheesy 80s movie afterwards and put on St. Elmo’s Fire. 😱🤦‍♀️

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      1. We’ll rescue you first and let John get roughed up a bit before we rescue him. Unlike you, he is not my favorite person in the world. Still, I won’t let him get too messed up.

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      1. I’m OK!! I need to check out that new post of yours soon (& write one lol). I haven’t seen Red, so I’m picturing Die Hard which would be an awesome rescue! I’d definitely take Mel as my savior too…. both leagues above Dwight.

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  2. Oh crap. My wife and I have been watching Weeds, about the suburban widowed single mother who becomes a pot dealer–it’s like Breaking Bad but funnier–and I’m not sure anyone in that cast would want to save me, or if they even could.

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  3. Tina and Louise from “Bob’s Burgers”, which would mean I’m screwed, so we’ll go with the show we watched BEFORE that, Vic McQueen from “NOS4A, which gives me much more comfort. (But she really should brush her hair more often.)

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