The search for perfection.


So now the husband wants to add floor moulding in his big barn… and you know what that means.



An entire afternoon picking through more wood than I thought humanly possible.



Granted, even I would reject that baby.

But come on…..

If he would take half as much time installing it as he does picking it out I might not mind. But nothing is going to be perfectly cornered or angled or mitered so why bother!



Our afternoon trip ended here.



With the moon rising and me refusing to cook the pork roast dinner I had planned.

You want perfect wood? You have to pay the piper.

Or in this case, the pizza place.

28 thoughts on “The search for perfection.”

  1. I’m thinking this Barn Bar is going to turn into a 5 year project, you know like the last one? lol
    OR, he’s really serious about this man cave/Barn Bar thing, so you should now consider what cover charge your going to charge those that visit said Barn Bar.

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