CSA and grocery store weirdos.


Swiss chard, celery, onion, basil, radishes, carrots, dill, scallions, tomato, pepper and something I’d never tried before.

A Korean melon.




It’s a delicate flavor, like cantaloupe… with the consistency of a cucumber.

At the store this week –



A clearance sale on Hostess coffee.

Poor SnoBalls.

Apparently no one likes them in caffeinated liquid form either.



Italian flour.


Do the Irish and French have some as well. And if so, why?




More meatless meat. This time in balls.

So wrong.



And yes, the brand name toilet paper was still on the shelves.

But right across the aisle?


Not a Brawny or Bounty in sight.

Thirsty paper towels?

Trust me, they’re anything but.

23 thoughts on “CSA and grocery store weirdos.”

  1. Horrors! Flavored coffee of any kind is more than my delicate constitution could handle, but Twinkie and Snowball flavors? Someone at Hostess Brands needs to be executed.
    Pizza flour is real … it is made from a different wheat and coarser grind.
    I shan’t let anything labeled “plant based” pass my lips … ever!

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  2. Poor SnoBalls. They never did get much respect. I liked them as a kid and would probably eat them today if I weren’t making a conscious effort to avoid sugar as much as possible.

    On a related note, we saw chocolate Twinkies in the store the other day.

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  3. Italian “00” flour is the best for making pizza crust. The husband won’t use anything else. Bonus: we can only get it at our local Italian market, which serves amazing pizza by the slice, so if we’re out of “00” flour and I time it just right, I can make a run to the Italian market, pick up a slice for lunch, bring the flour home, and get pizza again for dinner!

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    1. But meatless meat is not meat…. and therefor, must be made fun of. Call it a kale burger or a soy dog, and know that you’ll live longer than the rest of us. Because no one should be consuming what makes up a real hot dog!

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