I am not amused.


Lord Dudley Mountcatten is a good cat…. for the most part. When we first adopted him he had an annoying habit of scratching the furniture but my purchase and rapid deployment of a tiny water pistol solved that problem lickety split. His highness does not like to get wet.



Well, it wasn’t swift. But lately, I have to say…. it’s been quite thorough. Instead of scratching the furniture? He’s decided to unravel our Berber carpet one loop at a time.



Every morning I wake up to new section of destruction….



And I have to say, I am not pleased.

Lord Dudley?



He denies everything and points at my husband.

We don’t have a dog… the cat has to blame someone.


26 thoughts on “I am not amused.”

  1. I believe Lord Dudley–we know your husband did it!! Now that he doesn’t have the man cave and rock garden to play with he is picking on the carpet until he comes up with a new project to drive you crazy!!!

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      1. The newbie kittens are clawing a hole into my bathroom floor! There is exposed pressboard (wrong material for a bathroom) and their little claws loving scratching in it!

        I had industrial carpet installed in 2 rooms. The cats pulled it off the carpet nails long ago!!

        Good luck with your quest!! Can you trim their nails?


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