Just a little grumble.


We all know what passes for news these days is a joke. Gone are the days when reporters simply reported the facts and let you make up your own mind. Now there are left leaning stations and right leaning stations and we only listen to what we want to hear from those who reinforce views we already hold.

It’s a sad state of affairs.

And who determines what’s newsworthy? These days it’s probably based on the number of clicks… and that’s sadder still.

A while back I was scrolling through articles on my phone and saw this:



Yes, this is what passes for news. A mother might have been scolding her child.

Alert the media!



I think anyone who has had to deal with a teenage boy can relate to the “judgmental finger” but honestly…. did I need to know this? No.

Is it newsworthy? Not even close.

Am I done ranting?


Yes I am.


25 thoughts on “Just a little grumble.”

  1. It’s not even a story… just a headline. That makes me nuts!! I see it all the time now… the “details” provide no add’l info at all. In fact, they’re often nothing more than background info about the person mentioned in the headline – esp if it’s a celebrity.

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  2. Celebrity rag/mag? Naaah – I haven’t been ‘up’ with that since I was reading teen magazines. ***LoL
    Yahoo News, or what passes for it anyway, is my worst (uhh) addiction, and reddit is a bigger joke, I don’t look at that at all.
    But… some people ‘get off’ on what passes for celebrity news. To each their own.

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  3. When you think only a few people own all of the media, they’re feeding us in a way that is propaganda – it’s distracting us from the real news. Murdoch gets people in and out of politics – what else is he doing? Inciting war so everyone watches the news?

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  4. Related thought: Partner and I have been watching the “Mary Tyler Moore” show on Hulu, and we just perused an episode in Season 4 (so, 1974ish?) that featured Walter Cronkite in a guest role. When he walked onto the set in his first scene, the studio audience went crazy with cheers and applause, stopping the show for a good while. Folks from all political parties respected him, because he reported actual news we NEEDED to hear, just giving us the facts, with just a hint of folksy wisdom. He had the complete trust of most Americans, deservedly so.

    We need more Walters today. Desperately.

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