Does anyone blog from the WordPress phone app?

I’ve been seeing this on my scheduling list lately and it’s got me baffled.



Local changes.

What does that mean….they think I might be editing from Paris?

And why is it flashing back to posts I wrote a year ago?

I have to physically scroll down to get it to refresh and pop back up to current day.

No big deal, I was just wondering if it happens to anyone else. I enjoy being special, but not this time.


29 thoughts on “Question….”

  1. The way my Word Press app doesn’t work on my tablet, I would not think of putting it on my phone. I don’t even use the one on my tablet anymore, I go through my browser. That works a lot better, though still not great!

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    1. My husband has been home teleworking since the pandemic started. Gov’t programs hog all the bandwidth on our lousy (we live out in the boonies) internet. I blog exclusively from my phone now.


      1. I consider us living in the bones, we are 8 hours away from the closest mega city, being Edmonton. But we do live in a small town of 3500 in summer. Our Internet is mostly good, though when it is bad it can be for days. We are both retired, no kids for either. But 6 cats, and 4 thoroughbreds with possibly 2 more on the way.
        Yup, we call it the bones.

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      2. I live in Maine, we don’t even have a mega city. Population of our town is about 1,300. We have one small general store with an manned gas pump…. and a pub. What more do you need?


  2. It happens to me too. And the kit means that you opened it on to it phone or computer and I left it open long enough or entered a letter somewhere and it wants
    You to save it but be careful with that. I did it once and I lost my content

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  3. It should ask you which version you want to review. I sometimes start on my phone and then finish on my desktop but before I publish get distracted and walk away. Next time I’m on my phone it asks me if I want to look at the local changes or the other app and it tells me what time I updated where.

    Does that make sense?

    Localnrefers to the app right now when you’re looking at it.

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  4. Yes… just means you made changes which didn’t get published. You either closed without publishing or publish failed.

    Since they’re scheduled, they might never have published. Mine are usually in the Published tab with “local changes” noted.

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  5. I do a lot of reading on my phone, but I’ve never tried blogging from the app. I used to be able to edit (correct typos) but that has gotten too difficult. Mine is a smaller iPhone and my fingers hit too many things. IT does seem to me that the app has been changing. Maybe it’s like everything else, when they introduce something new, they have to break something that was working fine.

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