20 thoughts on “And you think I’m bad?”

  1. Keep on keeping on. Your furry friends and their insect brethren love finding food in regular places. Even in our little town we don’t get many wild visitors, just the occasional vole. But travel a mile in any direction and we’ll, there used to be all kinds of wildlife. Until the wildfire in 2019 burned up a lot of the old forest that surrounded our town. Now animals are just starting to come back to the area. For two years we had no sparrows. Just some occasional migratory birds passing through on their way north or south. That was so sad.
    But about 3 weeks ago our bird feeder attracted some sparrows again. Maybe things are returning to normal. I sure hope so.

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    1. We have a plethora of visitors. Along with birds that threaten to eat the entire paycheck…. we have woodchucks, skunks, fox, deer, opossums, raccoons, turkeys and the occasional bear.


  2. Now I know YOU ARE A SLACKER.
    What have you been doing in your spare time? Picking apples?
    Walking The Lord Cat on his leash?
    Drinking crap alcohol at The Cracker Barrell? SHAME SHAME SHAME.

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