Let’s play.


Stop grumbling. I know you like these things ….



I am in Deaf Smith County Texas. The hill country… which I’m assured can be quite beautiful.



And while I love James Lee Burke’s Louisiana detective Robicheaux series, the Texas Billy Bob Holland series doesn’t quite measure up for me.

And considering their political climate of restricting voting rights and a woman’s right to chose?

Texas is probably not the best place for me to wake up right now.


24 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. I wake up every day 23 miles from the exact center of Texas, where we routinely make a thirty mile round trip just to have donuts on the breakfast table and think it is the corner donut shop.

    Last place? Probably Asia Minor. Elementary Principles, D. Thomas Lancaster. First century apologetics …

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  2. Belmont Academy. But the author never mentions the city or state. It’s somewhere in the Northeast, and wintertime. The school is populated by teachers both murderous and egotistical, and people are being poisoned left and right. Real cheery place!

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