Apparently goats do solve every problem.


We’ve scratched behind goat’s ears at petting zoos.

We’ve bought calendars with goats in trees.

We’ve even done yoga with goats on our backs.

But now….



Using a goat tote can save a life.



Heifer International.



Your donation matches people to livestock all over the world.



The gift of a goat can lift people out of poverty.

Who knew?


16 thoughts on “Apparently goats do solve every problem.”

  1. Cute little “kid” in that last pic. There is a similar charity in Canada. Send a goat to a town or village in a third world country. Or plant seeds for fruit trees in school yards. Every little bit helps. Now, if only there were a charity to help homeless people in America and Canada. And I am not talking food banks or soup kitchens. The first thing we need to do is stop breaking up homeless camps. They have safety in numbers. Proud boys won’t attack them if the boys are outnumbered. That’s why they are called bullies.

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      1. Would be nice, but it is much more complicated. And having uncaring people shutting down camps just makes the problem worse.
        Unrelated, but similar, our illustrious premier of Alberta is dismantling a a protest camp of the legislature grounds, citing some law that stops people from sleeping on said grounds between 10:00 PM and 8:00 AM. He says he doesn’t care if people want to protest, just as long as they only do it during working hours. The protest camp was a group of tepees set up by indigenous peoples who vowed not to leave the grounds until Kenney did something about the theft of treaty land where mineral depisits and oil were discovered, amongst other complaints.


  2. This is such a good idea and I like that they match livestock with what people specifically need. As a charity it really is the GOAT.
    I couldn’t resist that joke but I also like how locally we’re seeing more and more community gardens. I want to help people get homes but helping feed people is important too.

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