As seen in Wal Mart.


I’m not a fan of Wal Mart, but in my neck of the woods it’s the best and cheapest place to buy the hundreds of pounds of bird seed our greedy avian friends devour.

On this trip I needed milk and bread… which meant I had to traverse the entire store from left front corner to right rear corner because Wal Mart is nothing if not an evil marketer.



Sandwich meat?

Not today.



Breadless breading?

No thank you.



And while I never, ever buy meat at Wally World…

This package of “premium pork steak” ensured I’ll never even be tempted.



31 thoughts on “As seen in Wal Mart.”

      1. You do know that the flavor in beef and pork comes from the fat? That is why I get 80/20 Ground Beef for my burgers. 90/10 loses the flavor. I use these pork steaks for dishes requiring sliced pork, but at $11+ for a two pack, they can sit right there.

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      1. It’s a lack of truck drivers. There were 100 containers ships backed up off the coast last week. The ports have shifted to 24/7 (weird that they weren’t already) and temporarily halted limits on stacking containers. But there’s no way to move them out of the port. Currently 80,000 openings for truckers! Yet driving through the port area (required to get to our vet) is a bitch due to all the aggressive truck drivers.

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      2. I have a friend in California who said the state government recently changed the emission regulations which now bars a lot of older trucks from operating. That doesn’t help.


      3. I didn’t know they barred trucks but yes, the port went “clean” during the pandemic (pre) planned… though I don’t know what that really means because I haven’t cared.

        There are a LOT more shipping trucks on the freeway now – most notable due to the ones driving in wrong lanes (fast lane?).

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      4. That sucks! But there are a ton of trucking companies just outside the port. They cause horrible traffic on all my non-port routes to the vet. But they were there first!!

        After the trucking area, I drive through oil refineries. Literally through… they’ve been bisected by public roads.

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      5. At least they’ve covered most of the “coking” facilities at the refineries. There used to be omnipresent gritty black “dust” everywhere!

        Now I “just” have the air pollution from the freeways, the ships, and being under the airport ascension path!!

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      6. Also, the backlog started slow but never cleared – just kept building and has finally attracted national attention.

        I keep hoping that being next to the port will help us get some goods. But I suspect most long-haul to distribution centers before coming back again.

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