Home Depot horror.


The husband plans on stripping another section of our leaking roof this weekend and wanted me to go on the Home Depot website to check on shingles. As I brought up the site on my phone, Lord Dudley jumped on my lap and screwed up my search.

What he chose was beyond disturbing.



What the utter Hell?



I’ve always disliked lawn “art” and garden gnomes are at the top of that list …. but a naked, beer swilling elf named Otto?

I can’t even.


35 thoughts on “Home Depot horror.”

  1. Despite the fact 95% of men in European-based cultures seem to be beer-swilling fatsicles, I really resent the implication that all men are that way. I have not had an ounce of beer pass through my lips is at least 40 years, and not because I am a recovering alcoholic. I just think it tastes like shit!


  2. And that is just one of the 5,354 reasons I want to get just the top of several pointy little caps and scattered them in the garden. So when people ask “What are those ?” I can say “I think I planted my gnomes too deep.”


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