53 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

      1. I was responding to the challenge, not asserting a current truth (although: so many species are being killed by homo fatuus brutus at present, it’s not inconceivable that the humble turkey could also succumb).

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      1. I guess everyone has an Uncle Earl, or an Aunt Mary. My Aunt Mary used 5o go to random funerals and bawl her eyes out for people she didn’t even know. She would make the funeral about her, not the dead person.
        Yeah, it’s always about the aunts and uncles. (Hope you don’t have any neices or nephews, they might think it’s about you, lol.)

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      1. I used to be crazy for decorating… went all out. Now, I throw wreaths in the front windows and call it good. Didn’t even put up a tree last year… which I admit was a bit depressing.


      2. My partner loves decorated (fake) trees. (I draw the line at killing a tree for a few days of celebration, but with six cats it is not always wise. So a few years ago I bought her a metal stand with painted tin foil balls on it that reflect light and look like lights. Cost $3.99 at that time. She still puts the big (fake) tree up every third year, but the small one works for her in the interim. But that is the extent of our celebration.
        Season’s Greetings to you and all your readers!

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      3. Does that make a difference? The number of trees cut down in this world every year just to celebrate the birth of a probably fictitious or at least “fictional” person is utterly ridiculous. Fake trees last a lifetime, and have little effect on the environment. Trees reduce free carbon dioxide, nature’s perfect carbon storehouses. The more we cut them down, the worse our environment gets.


      4. Tree farms replace every tree they cut, that’s how it works. Do you have a problem with killing a field full of wheat? This is not my blog and this is all you get from me. If you want to persist in this, take it elsewhere and I may join you., but we should behave with respect when we are here.


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