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Anne Taintor gets me.


Yes… she’s a Maine born, Harvard educated artist.

And yes… she addresses domestic stereotypes with humor and advertisements from a bygone era.

But ya know what?

This woman gets me.




See what I mean?





Her annual engagement calendar always has a prominent place on my desk and it never fails to make me smile.




Oh, those perfect 1950’s housewives…. you know the ones –  perfectly coiffed, wearing high heels and pearls to wash dishes? The ones who got a little too excited over that new Hoover the husband bought them for their anniversary?




I like to imagine they were thinking this way.




I know I would have.




And if my hubby gave me a Hoover on our anniversary?




Yes, Anne.

You get me.



An Advent calendar I can get behind.

Brought to you by the New Hampshire State Liquor Outlet. (No tax!)




A little whiskey bottle for (almost) every day of the month. I should have bought it.

Should’ve, could’ve, would’ve… you know how it goes. But my cart was already pretty full.




Hey, you celebrate your way… I’ll celebrate mine. ( Black raspberry, orange and grapefruit. Don’t judge, I’m getting my vitamin C! )

The husband and I had to take a trip down to Massachusetts and never pass up the opportunity of cheaper, tax free booze.

On the way back we stopped for lunch.




An old restaurant where we used to eat had been lovingly redone.




And turned into The York River Landing.




It’s on the river, in York… hence the creative name.




I loved their little tabletop arrangements….




Which smelled wonderfully fresh and made me want to stuff the cute container in my purse.




The beer selection was huge, the cocktail list small.




But the Blue Kiss Martini was seconds worthy.




Salad and soups were fresh and tasty. Sorry, but I forgot to photograph the rest of the meal.

Blame the Blueberry Moonshine.

I will.





Never trust a Corpse Reviver.


(Bet that got your attention.)

So it started out simply. Dinner with friends at a trendy, boho chic restaurant in a converted mill.

They’re famous for their infused liquors, so we ladies started out with these:




They were small.

And pink!




And with names like Garden of Eden and Frankly My Dear…

How bad could they be?

Bad enough that after 2 of them, our husbands were telling us to lower the decibel level.

After 3, they were waiving down the waiter and telling him to rush our food order.

The men had chosen curried mussel appetizers, which didn’t appeal to us in the least.




Mussels, blech!

Those slimy little nuggets that get halfway down your throat and say, ” I think I’ll just sit here a while and let her contemplate what she swallowed.”

No way. Not this chicka…

The guys were happily cracking them open and getting covered in green slop in the process.




It was disgusting.

It looked like pea soup, or vomit. (Same thing in my opinion.)

But then my girlfriend and I ordered Corpse Revivers.




They’re traditionally known as the hangover cure, so we figured we’d skip a step and get right to it.  Gin, Cointreau, Lillet Blanc, lemon juice and Absinthe.

I blame the Absinthe.

Have you ever had Absinthe? Whew!

In no time at all? Those mussels looked GOOD.

We were digging in with gusto.




Slop covered shells were flying, we were dragging the bowls away from our husbands. We had to order extra Naan to soak it up.

I believe we may have fought over the last piece.

It wasn’t pretty.

Never trust a Corpse Reviver.

I drink and I know things.



And it must be true because I have the t shirt.




Game of Thrones reference aside, I do know some strange things.

Useless things – like Hitler’s favorite movie was King Kong.

And – in ancient Greece women counted their age from the day they were married. (If only!)

My husband calls me a font of useless knowledge, and I guess that’s true. Grasshoppers have white blood. (Are you impressed yet?)

Mind you,  storing these eclectic facts in my brain has never done me any good. Knowing that Abraham Lincoln’s mother died because their cow ate poisonous mushrooms and she drank the milk may be fascinating…. but it doesn’t plump up a resume.

Kemosabe means soggy shrub in Navajo. (Makes you rethink his relationship with the Lone Ranger huh? You’re welcome.)

In Jasmine, Saskatchewan? It’s illegal for a cow to moo within 300 kilometers of a private home. (Wonder how many were arrested.)

Yup. That’s me. I rock at trivia and am completely worthless in real world applications.

In Taiwan women hire strippers to dance in their husband’s funeral processions. (My husband already asked. The answer was no.)

So yes, I carry around a lot of weird facts. (But a leech has 32 brains, imagine how much crap I could stuff in there!)

And I love learning new ones. I was thrilled to discover that Dr. Seuss invented the word nerd in his book  “If I Ran The Zoo”…


A Nerkle, A Nerd and a Seersucker too


And I learned that right here on WordPress… on Roughwighting ‘s blog. (Many thanks, it’s a keeper.)

As for the drinking? Okay… I’ve been known to have a margarita or two.

But did you know Margarita means daisy in Spanish and the agave has to mature for 8 years before it’s ready to harvest?  (See, I can’t help myself.)

I also can’t wait that long.


Because Boothbay Harbor is never a bad idea…..


Of course in the summer, when it’s full of tourists it can be a bit crazy… but we managed to snag an outdoor table at our favorite place.

No, it’s not directly on the water…




But ever since they tore down the old bowling alley….




And the new condos that are slated for construction haven’t sprung up yet, there’s a view.




But you don’t go to Boathouse Bistro for the views.

You go for the food.

Pan seared citrus scallops drizzled with orange oil on creamy parmesan risotto.

 Heaven on a plate right there.




If you go, try a Harborside lemonade.

Proof positive everything is better with vodka.