A terrifying headline.


Just when I thought the crazy lack of products was over. ..

Toilet paper is back in abundance, as is flour since the crazy Covid bakers have returned to buying their rubber loaves of Wonder Bread.

But now?



Chicken tenders? I can live without ‘em. Cream cheese? Can’t stand the stuff. Fresh fruit? We’re not seeing any shortages up here. Maple syrup? I live in Maine… people have barrels in their cellars.

But then I read #5.

And shit got real.






Phew! It’s not the booze, just the packaging?

No problem.

Bring your own bucket works for me.


20 thoughts on “A terrifying headline.”

  1. There’s a brewery or other alcohol producing facility on just about every corner around here. The breweries will sell you a growler which you can trade in for some fresh, way too bitter IPA or other adult beverage. I was at three different stores today and they all still looked pretty well stocked. That’s good news for Cathy but it doesn’t matter that much to me as long as the plastic baggie supply doesn’t give out.

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      1. Asheville/ WNC is a lot like that. It would be a little better if they weren’t making stupid ass Moon Pie and asparagus porter and other things like that. They say Asheville is beer city and so does that other Portland. Good thing I don’t have a dog in this fight.

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