I’m in!


You can’t beat a Thin Mint. To my mind, it’s the ultimate cookie.

Put the box in the fridge, eat with a cold glass of milk. Perfection.

While I do enjoy the occasional Girl Scout Lemonade and Toffee-tastic … those pint size femme fatales are pulling out all the stops this year and introducing a new cookie to tempt me.



No arm twisting required.

I’m in.


31 thoughts on “I’m in!”

  1. Ha! I’m with Rusty, they are little green extortionists not to mention the cookies AND the boxes have gotten smaller! When I was a Girl Scout the boxes were bigger and they were only $1.25…. That’s why people bought up to ten boxes. I’ve also found a Thin Mint substitute, Keebler Grasshopper cookies. Just as good, way more in a package and not as expensive. A
    Though that brownie/caramel Frankenstein looks pretty darn good…🤩

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  2. As a former girl scout leader who had over 1k boxes of cookies in her garage each cookie season, I had two favorites over the years. The thin mints and the lemon; hands down my faves. They try to bring in new flavors, but they never really worked for me. You’ll have to let us know how you like these.
    I took my troops on so many adventures with the money they earned by selling; this is a good time to overpay for something.

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      1. In defense of Samoas I can say this: I can eat two or three Samoas and be satisfied. I can eat trefoils like it’s a sporting event, and that’s why I am now a fat bastard. Mostly though, I would rather have a Moon Pie.

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