Since reaching the advanced age of 58, there are times I find myself woefully out of touch.

I don’t know many of the new artists on the charts and I’m sure I don’t have any of the hip new trends in my closet.

So it shouldn’t come as any surprise that I was also blissfully unaware which emojis are being used in the drug trade these days.



The red maple leaf is the universal symbol for drugs. Has anyone told Canada?

While the money bags make sense for a dealer, and the 🍪 for large batch is cute in a disturbing kind of way…



Someone needs to explain to me why Percocet and oxycodone rate a banana. Because at my advanced age bananas mean fiber and extra potassium… and I can’t see anyone getting high on that.



25 thoughts on “F.Y.I.”

  1. If anyone has ever smoked some BC Hydro I’m sure they would agree that the maple leaf would be a fine symbol for top grade smoke. I can’t imagine why anyone would to use xanax as a recreational drug. I had one yesterday, because it’s April. It mitigated the effects of mania, better for everyone else, but it left me with my mind and body stuck in the mud. I wake up at the same time every day, 6:45, so I can feed the cats. Otto has to eat by himself because he’s a (big) kitten. As soon as everyone is finished, which is to say Archie and Betty, and I can let Otto out to continue his reign of terror, I’ll most likely be sleeping until 10:00.No fun there. Well, Betty and Archie just walked in, time to release the red menace. Nitey nite.

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  2. It would seem that I have been sending my son a request to go into the pharmaceutical business, when all I really wanted to do was let him know the grandkids would be receiving cash for their birthday, and we just pulled out warm cookies from the oven.

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