What’s in a name?


As you know, it was me who named the current descendant of an Egyptian God in residence at Casa River.



I chose ‘Lord Dudley Mountcatten’ as he seemed quite regal, even from day one. But I’ve taken nothing but flak from my husband who thinks it’s a ridiculous moniker and refuses to use it. Every time I introduce his Lordship to a friend? The husband snorts, informs our friend he had nothing to do with the weird name and says ,”I call him Buddy”.

And while my other half has given me a lot of grief for my name choice in the last year, today I was vindicated.

Today I read an article about a national contest for the weirdest pet name, and though a cat from Maine won….



It was not Lord Dudley Mountcatten.



So take that spouse of 38 years! And consider yourself lucky the name Pickles McButterpants the Muffin Slayer was already being used.


33 thoughts on “What’s in a name?”

  1. 🤣😝…..Pickles is an awesome name! As is Lord Dudley Mountcatten…..people who don’t think so lack imagination and creativity. My apologies to the Hubs but, I said what I said and I’m sticking to it.

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  2. I name most of our cats, kinda. First I ask them what they want to be called, in English, because I cannot pronounce their cat names. Almost immediately a name will come to me, and it will become theirs.
    The only case this did not work directly, we got a brother and sister set who were born wild. The younger one, the boy, was very shy. When I asked what he wanted to be called, his sister answered for him. “His name is Halverstock. My name is Millicent.” And that was the end of that. Millie has been speaking for Halvie (silent *l*) ever since.
    But the “weirdest” name a cat has ever given herself is our ragdoll, who didn’t want an English name, but a Portugese name, Diabola Blanca, translated as White Devil Woman. The weird thing is, Portugal does not recognize Women as Devils. She conjugated “Diabolo” to suit her sex. Pretty smart for a 3 momth old kitten!

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    1. So I’m not the onoy one who intuits cat names!
      I don’t ask. I wait for it to arrive.
      Princess Cuddlebutt was almost immediate. MoshiMoshibtook weeks.

      Right now, I know Leeloo prefers some other name – but it’s been 9mos and she still hasn’t told me! So I keep calling her Leeloo and she keeps ignoring me when I speak ti her.


  3. My cat’s name Ody isn’t quite wordy or cutely strange, but it certainly throws people off because it’s “AH-dee” rhyming with body. It was shortened from “Odyssey,” and there’s a long boring story behind that name I won’t go into…

    I probably call him Big Kitty (the 23 pound lunk) more than Ody now anyway…

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