There’s always a catch.


When you’re searching for a new home, there are no perfect houses. Some don’t have enough closets. Some have hot pink bathtubs. Some are in Alabama. ( A joke. No hate mail necessary. Roll Tide! )

Here’s one in a very nice section of Virginia. Homes of this size in that area go for a million plus… but it just sold for $200,000 less. And the reason wasn’t a lack of a wood burning fireplace.



Small garage? You can enlarge it.

Out of date kitchen? You can remodel it.

But people living in the basement? That’s got to be a hard spin for even the most talented of realtors.



Someone is living in your basement for three years, brings a friend… and you couldn’t be bothered to kick them out?

I can’t even imagine this scenario.


19 thoughts on “There’s always a catch.”

  1. Maybe the inhabitants are a red female squirrel, and her squirrel boyfriend. That would explain them not paying rent. Looking at the house, I would not expect it to have a finished basement, though not sure why I think that. Anyway, someone already bought it, squatters or non-rent-paying tenants included. Maybe you can ask them, the new owners, what’s up?

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    1. My question is how did they get there, and why didn’t you notice? Although to be fair, if their basement is full of crap like ours… The Brady Bunch could slip in without anyone noticing.

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  2. Now, that’s funny. But, if they have their own entrance and you keep the house entrance to basement locked or boarded up plus, get them to sign so basement is their property only, I guess it could be okay.

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