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I needed a holiday from the holiday.


Our last day of the long Memorial Day weekend meant a morning of yard work.



Tag team mowing with the husband on his new toy and me slogging along with the old push mower.

It was a gorgeous day.



The pear tree was blooming.



The mallows I’d planted were thriving.



And everything had finally turned green.



Except the baby barn which I decided to start painting that afternoon.

Let me preface this by saying I used to love to paint.

I used to.

Until I had to use an artist’s tiny brush around all the nooks, corners, flashing and crooked angles on that beast.




Did I wear some paint, get covered in dirt, rip my pants, tumble off a ladder and work until almost 8:00 at night?

Yes I did.



But paint was applied.



And covered a multitude of sins.



Three sides done, one to go!

Back to the nightmare.


Oh, you thought the squirrels were the nightmare?

No, that was merely a side story.

The nightmare was the hole.



And the decades worth of bird nests concealed there in.



Appropriately masked, the husband approached.



Pulled a panel and…



How’s that for an action shot?



Man, you would not believe how much stuff he pulled out of there.



It was, in a word…. disgusting.



And landed everywhere.



If that isn’t enough to make the husband pay attention when I wave the honey do list in the future?



Nothing ever will be.



So now we had an empty hole.



A big empty hole with a badly installed spotlight fixture.



And a momma squirrel… who even though she found and moved her babies… still wanted back in.



So as the husband worked, and stomped my geraniums to such a pulp I had to temporarily relocate them…



Momma squirrel was watching.



Many frustrating hours later, just as I was willing to admit defeat and use this-



It was done.



Hole plugged.



And momma thwarted.


Squirrel saga finale.


Mad momma squirrel’s rampage continued for almost an hour.



Poor little thing, I did feel badly for her.



She was looking everywhere for her babies.



And then..



There they were.



Calling frantically for her.



So she came and got them, one by one.



Right past us, no fear at all.



I don’t know where she took them, but I hope it’s far away.

I love all our visiting critters.

But not when they want to actually take up residence in our house.


Nightmare continued.



Momma squirrel was not happy we’d disturbed and scattered her children.

Not. At. All.



Matter of fact, she was downright pissed. And as the husband was working on fixing that awful hole…



She was positively manic, running to and fro….









Even trying to get in the house.



It was crazy.



But what she really wanted was back in that hole.



And as the husband worked, she watched.

See her up top?

The longer it went on…. the braver she got.



There were times I thought she would climb right over the husband to get in there.



She was one mad momma.



To be continued…

What a nightmare.


Saturday morning on Memorial Day weekend we planned to finish the baby barn remodel. But that didn’t happen, because I started hearing the scritchedy scratch every homeowner dreads.

Squirrels in da house!

I thought they were in the attic, then the walls… but finally pinned it down to the eaves. And I was certain I knew how they got in.



Please look at the upper right hand corner, behind the lights.



It’s been like that since we moved in…. 18 years ago. The previous owner’s gerry rigged spotlight installation.

Naturally, ‘Close Hole’ has been on the top of my honey do list for 17 1/2 years because birds have been nesting in there.



So the husband grumbled, and cursed, and got a ladder to deal with it.

Which is when I heard the scritchedy scratching…. somewhere else.



In this corner, under the hanging plant.



So we yanked back the bushes, grabbed a pry bar and started pulling off decking and lattice….



To discover the noise was coming from inside the vinyl siding corner post. I pounded and knocked and banged on that post like a wild woman and before long?

Baby red squirrels were tumbling out of it like a clown car. They were terrified, and scattered to the 4 winds… so we plugged up the holes and called it good.

Mission accomplished.



Well, not quite.

To be continued….

Random critters.




Squirrels have to be brave to cross the wide treeless open that is the bird feeder area of our backyard.





So we rarely see more than one grey.




Until there’s something worth having that is.




These little sparrows adore the boxwood shrubs.




And the woodchuck?

Still feeding, still fat…




And now?

Winking and waving as well.

This last pic looks like a little inter species communication is happening.


Although aside from the deer saying “Please don’t poop on me.” I’m not sure what they have to talk about.

Because big barn needs a little time in the spotlight now and then.




Since the baby barn has been hogging all the attention lately, let me reintroduce you to my favorite spot to spend late afternoons.



Comfortable furniture, blooming pretties, a good book and a cocktail.

Lowers my blood pressure just thinking about it.



I planted this garden bed two weeks ago, took a picture and realized there’s a hole.

Damn… another trip to the nursery will be necessary.

How awful.




Big barn dwarfs baby barn.



And it’s where you can find me most evenings in the summer, surveying my domain.




It was one of those days when you just want to freeze time.


The weather was perfect.



75 degrees with bright sunshine and a gentle breeze.



We’d spent the day mowing and trimming and weeding….



And everything looked perfect.



Lilacs were cut for vases and perfumed the air with the scent of a long awaited spring.



And we ended the day with adult beverages on the big barn porch…. where the only thing to worry about was walking back inside for refills.

Life is good.