Who knew?


Remember back in the day when there used to be dozens of airlines to choose from when traveling? It seemed like every geographic region had dozens of independent companies ready and willing to have you fly their friendly skies. Now they’ve all been bought out, merged into giant companies or died a slow death trying to compete. I was reading an article the other day about this decided lack of choice and came across a few airlines I was completely unaware of at their time of operation.

So tell me, did you ever fly Hooters Air?



Yes. This actually existed and I’m flabbergasted it passed me by.



I can’t say I would have been racing to the ticket counter but still, color me surprised. The famous wings weren’t offered as an in flight snack and though it flew to 15 cities at its peak, the venture only lasted 3 years before pulling the plug and grounding the girls for good.

On the opposite end of the spectrum, there was an airline you couldn’t pay me to board.



The only flight offered was going to be a three times a week hop from Miami to Jerusalem, but there was a plaque of the Ten Commandments on the back of every seat.. so Amen! Unfortunately for Jesus the company failed to get FAA approval for airplane modifications and the delay caused such friction between the co owners they accused each other of being in league with the devil. I’m afraid this particular Lord never got off the ground.


19 thoughts on “Who knew?”

  1. Who knew there was an airline called AER DINGUS….or so I thought on a long-ago trip to Ireland when I disembarked after having a few too many, and couldn’t tell a D from an L on the sides of the planes. Turns out some people take Aer Lingus thinking they’re going to have an erotic experience, so at least my misreading saved me from a disappointing flight home I might have taken..

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