30 thoughts on “Don’t mess with the Aussies.”

  1. One of my old Aussie followers used to tell me some stories! My favorite was the boy who got attacked by a shark while surfing and just casually mentioned it to his father when he got home like it was just another day at the beach. Some of the most dangerous creatures on earth live in Australia… it’s not an island for the meek.

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  2. My bus driver was an Aussie woman. We were talking about geese chasing people. She was watching someone’s child in a park once and a goose tried that with them. She said that she “grabbed Mr. Goose by the beak and we had a talk”…

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      1. I made bacon and eggs in one just this evening. Football is coming (YAY!!!) and then it will be a pot of chili and a skillet full of cornbread. If you guys (He) ever want to sell them, let me know what you want.

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  3. I saw this on the news and was completely awestruck at this man. I man this was a huge hissing mofo croc and he just took his cast iron skillet and whacked this dangerous animal in the nose. The croc went away crying…..yes, that’s what I think, lol.

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      1. I use the term ‘bonking’ in another way… It’s funny how language is different all around the world. For us Aussies ‘thongs’ are rubber flip flop shoes, for others a thong is underwear… Then there’s ‘fanny’ which we Aussies (rarely) refer to as the front nether region while others refer to it as the back nether region…. Anyway, I digress, the guy ‘clobbered’ the croc.

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      1. Hopefully. But humans are smart enough to devise non-violent ways to deal with animals being animals. If we cannot, we do not deserve the signifier “human.” We are still animsls ourselves…


      2. I agree we’re still animals, and I don’t think the term ‘human’ signifies any more dignity or nobility than ‘fish’, ‘bear’, ‘fly’, etc. Sometimes when I hear or read about ‘the humanity’ of a thing, I don’t thing it’s necessarily a positive thing in the majority, not if anyone’s ever had a look around them of late. I include an observation of myself and my flaws in that analysis.

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      3. We make such a big thing of being superior to all other forms of life, but when it comes to traits like nobility and dignity the so-called animals have us beat all to hell and back.
        If you know your flaws, you can correct them if you so desire — if your ego allows you to. The thing is, your ego is not in charge, it is only a guide. Once you know how to separate yourself from your ego, life and being are completely changeable.

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