Products that make me glad I’m old.


I used to love shopping at Victoria’s Secret when I was younger, not to mention thinner. They always had beautifully sensuous lingerie and a nice selection of comfy pajamas in wonderfully soft fabrics.

Now that I’m a menopausal woman of a certain age, my desire for the secrets of Victoria have waned and I haven’t visited one of the stores in at least a decade.

This is probably why their ad on my Facebook page came as a bit of a surprise. And from the look of the items they’re offering now? I’m actually glad to be 58.



Seriously, who the Hell would wear this? In my opinion it’s not the least bit attractive, no less sexy. And damn, for $1.98’s worth of electrical tape you could pretty much make one at home.



And speaking of tape…



32 thoughts on “Products that make me glad I’m old.”

  1. I’m right there with you, what the literal fuck? But I’m sure millennial women love to wear this crap and strut around in it with no problem. I on the other hand can’t see wearing that and surviving the aftermath of trying to get out of it.

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  2. If I was still young, I’d wrar the strappy thing under/over clothes to an ‘alternative’ dance club. But I’d make it myself or get it from Wish, where it would cost <$10 USD

    The tape makes sense for perma high-beamers, like me (butmine now point to the ground) or runners.

    That said, I'll be buying neither

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  3. In case you wanted to wear Jacob’s Ladder. That’s what that reminds me of, being a kid and learning how to build Jacob’s Ladder with string. (Am obviously old as well, because I don’t think kids play with string these days.)

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  4. I’ll pass on that tasteless bit of strapping – and lingerie more generally. I cleaned out my underwear drawers the other day and all I have left are comfortable beige/white briefs and bras. I wouldn’t fit into my old lingerie anymore, and even if I did and had a horizontal tango partner, I don’t think I’d want to show off my ass-ets these days. There were so many G-strings – how could I have thought they were comfortable? All for an invisible panty line!

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    1. I think back on some of things I used to wear and wonder, was I ever that silly? I still take time with my appearance, but comfort is definitely more of a factor now. Sorry Victoria.


  5. I have a pair of socks with more material. Who are they dressing for? I guess I am old fashioned in that I think a little mystery can be….enticing. The irony here is that one ad has an item that exposes everything, and the second ad provides tape to cover it back up.

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