21 thoughts on “Riduckulous.”

  1. So when you turn the light out, does that mean the duck isn’t in cridss anymore? Or is it the other way around? When its light is on, it has purpose. When it is not on, then it has no idea where it is!

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  2. Can’t say I have ever asked “who am I?” I have, however, asked “Who the fuck do you think you are, asshole?” many, many times. So, this bird needs serious therapy. Or a move to LA where he will just be one of millions of lost chickenshits.


      1. Confidence. I know who I am. Always have. Never tried to be anyone else. I set my career path at 5 years old (wanted to be Sgt. Rock), and followed it. Now, to be fair, I have asked “What the hell am I doing?’, but never “Who am I?”.


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