When you really, really, really want a truck.


I saw this the other day when I was stopped at a traffic light and had to do a double take.



Want a truck but can’t afford one?

No problem, just cut off the back of your car, add some cardboard and call it good.



19 thoughts on “When you really, really, really want a truck.”

  1. Holy shit! And I thought this only happened in Mexico, lol. But I see that it has a Maine license plate. I want a truck in the worst way but there is no way I’ll mutilate my beautiful car to get one 🤔😵‍💫🫣

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  2. For the very brief time we lived outside Memphis TN back in the day, you had to have your car inspected each year if you lived in the city limits. But if you lived in Shelby County (outside the city), you never needed to have your vehicle inspected. Ever. This vehicle would qualify as one I saw on a fairly regular basis when driving around that area.😱

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  3. I doubt that “truck” is even legal because you can’t see through the rear “window.” It might be legal if the space were left open, but then the occupant(s) would freeze in the Maine weather this time of year. It’s a truck-ulent problem either way.

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