Let’s play.


Humor me. As well as everyone else…



As I’m sitting here after dinner craving dessert, I’m going with the Good Humor truck.

No sound was more iconic to the summers of my childhood. We kept a bowl of change on the kitchen counter in anticipation of those glorious chimes. Doors would slam all over the neighborhood as every kid within hearing distance would run to the corner before it drove away.

My treat of choice?



Seeing the picture I can almost taste it.

Ice cream on a stick. What’s not to love?

So what sound don’t you hear anymore?

40 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. The whistle of the locomotive engine. That sound travelled for miles, and it spoke to me of faraway places. Did it cause my wanderlust? Probably not, I was born with itchy feet. But it sure accentuated it. There are places to go, new things to see. (And it sounds like you feel it too!)

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    1. This is NOT the version I wanted to play for you, but I can’t find it because I cannot remember who sang that version. They’re all bad. But I had to play one…


  2. I grew up very close to the catholic church in our small town. It’s an old mission and it had three bells to signify when church services would begin. The big bell would ring for midnight mass on Christmas Eve and on New Years Eve. I could hear it every Sunday morning loud and clear, but now that I’ve moved away I don’t hear it anymore. Actually my mom told me they don’t ring it at all because the wooden part of where the bell hangs is deteriorating and they are afraid it might not withstand the ringing of the church bell. The community is trying to have that part restored so they can use it again. It’s a grand old historical church and although I’m not catholic anymore, the history and beauty of the church (built in 1877) is enough to make me miss the Sunday morning bell ring.

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  3. The sound of the house phone ringing day and night with calls from family, friends, and clients for my father’s company. For much of my childhood it was a wall mounted phone with the bell inside, and then it became an old portable where it had only the clunky old ringer that no phone can mimic today.

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      1. Phones ring around me all day- I work in two offices and my third job relies heavily on my mobile. But, with the mobile, your ringer can be any song on earth, and office phones have a very specific ring that will set your nerves on edge if it rings too long. The sound of a little bell with a metal hammer smacking into it quickly from the wall mounted phones is the specific sound I mean. Part of me misses it – it was only around when I was a kid, therefore the sound brings to mind a more calm time; part of me is glad I never have to hear it again – my parents had two lines in the house, one for personal use and one for my dad’s business, and both rang the same phones constantly (mom came from a huge family). It was nearly ceaseless, and the sound would echo around your brain until you could both reach it to answer it and know how to answer it in case it was for his business. It was so irritating that by age 5, my sisters and I all knew how to affect a grown-up voice and answer the phone in a professional way- just to get it to stop ringing! So, mixed emotions for me (and I mentioned it to my sisters and they feel exactly the same).

        Now, honestly, it sucks. Even the work line is bombarded with telemarketers. They come for my cell phone, my text messages, my post, my email, AND my work. Honestly, it feels like my day is split into two parts, and work isn’t even one of them! 5% me time, 95% telemarketers hounding me. That’s why I got rid of my landline. Absolutely not. I don’t need telemarketers calling me on four separate phones all day and evening! No way! I can remove one of them (and save myself money in the process), so I did!

        But that’s not the point. Sorry!
        Oh! And fax lines! Now, when faxes come through it rings quietly through your printer – does in the offices too. Back in the day, it would be the old fax machines that sounded just like the house phones! Probably because it went through the same phone line, and inevitably you’d answer and get that dial-up squeal in your ear, and have to scream “sorry! Please send it again!!” And hope they could hear you (which they usually did). Back when everyone used a phone line to send them.

        Which also brings up the dial up sound.

        Wow. My childhood was filled to the brim with annoying sounds 😂🤣😂


    1. I can see how that would get you moving.
      I miss toasted almond and can’t find it up here. They always have chocolate and strawberry at the grocery, even cookies and cream, but never my beloved almond.


  4. We didn’t have Good Humor-specific trucks and heneric ice cream trucks are one of my pet peeves… pre-covid, we sometimrs had 6 per day!!

    I’m gonna say… air raid sirens, the sound of kids playing outside every evening, and the hiss/scratch at the end of a vinyl record

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