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Leave my ice cream alone!


I’m not a huge ice cream eater and normally don’t have any in the freezer at home, but I do enjoy a nice creamy coffee or mint chocolate chip cone now and then. And while those are my go to flavors I’m always game to try something different. Apple pie? Sure. Passion fruit sherbet? Why not. But there’s a line I’m not willing to cross and the following are on the other side of it.



I won’t. And you can’t make me.



Yes. Someone thought it would be a good idea to make eggplant ice cream.

And may I just say…. they were wrong.



Miller brewing company? Your dishwater beer is bad enough.. what were you thinking?



Tobacco smoke ice cream? For the love of all that’s holy, no.


News you can’t use.


In all the years I lived down south I could never bring myself to enjoy okra. Even deep fried I found it to be a slime filled snot ball.



But if it can clean up plastic waste? I may have to rethink my aversion.



That is some seriously vengeful lightning right there. In my head I’m hearing Liam Neeson’s voice. “I will find you”.



Where has this been all my life?



And what the Hell Canada! We’re your friendly lobster filled neighbors to the south…. please share.



Now that is a yacht worth having.


More random nonsense


First I brought you wine for cats. Now?

There’s kitty ice cream.



I’d ask if this is really necessary and why I couldn’t just let Dudley lick from my bowl…



But I’m not apt to partake of a frozen dish of sugared mackerel anytime soon.



Oh, if looks could kill.

Quick, get him some feline wine.



Finally… a sensible use for the crock pot collecting dust in my closet.




Is that just me…?


A spoonful of heaven right there.


I believe I’ve found heaven right here on earth… and it seems I’m not the only one.



Yes, boys and girls…. dreams do come true.



Alcoholic ice cream. Be still my heart!



Oh, yes.

Yes please!



Couldn’t have said it better myself Joe.



Nutrition facts? Who cares! It’s ice cream made with bourbon. ❤️



Excellent idea. An adult Good Humour truck ! I’d chase that sucker down the street for sure….



My mouth is watering already.



I’m good with that.



Yikes!!! $28.75 per?



On second thought… I might just drop a scoop full of Breyers in my Woodfords Reserve and call it good.




I learned a lesson the other day… the hard way.  (If there’s any other way, I’ve yet to find it.)

In April I received a recall notice for Ethel. (Yes, my car’s name is Ethel)

No big deal, it was something about a brake light switch. I stuck the notice in the drawer thinking, yeah…I’ll have to make an appointment at the dealership sometime.

Which means I promptly forgot all about it.

Then two months ago, we were leaving our friend’s place at camp. They have the driveway from Hell… steep and unpaved. We were backing out, hit some loose gravel and bing! bam! boom! all my warning lights started flashing on the dash. ABS, Vehicle Dynamics Control, Hill Assist.

You name it, it was flashing.



I thought, oh hell… we knocked some silly computer module out of whack.

But the car drove perfectly fine and by the time we got home all the lights were out…. so I didn’t give it a second thought. Until this Monday when I went grocery shopping, pulled into the parking lot and shifted into park. Bing! Bam! Boom! all the warning lights flashed again.

Warning lights. What do I know about warning lights?




I mean heck, if they had useful ones….. it would make sense.




But these things were going off for absolutely no reason. Again, my only thought was… stupid computers.

Until I loaded all my groceries in the car, started it and couldn’t shift.

Nada. Nothing. Frozen in park.

Of course it was a hot day…. and of course ice cream was on sale so I’d bought 4 containers. As everything melted into soup, I fiddled and faddled and cursed and finally managed to get it in gear to drive home.

Where it froze in park again.

Moral of the story?




When the manufacturer sends you a recall notice? There’s a reason…. go have it taken care of.

It may just be a brake light switch, and they may assure you “only a small handful of vehicles have had serious issues”….. but if it’s one in three million?

It’s going to be me.

I’m lucky that way.

The flavor graveyard….


Because I told you Ben and Jerry’s was a funky place.




When the factory tour was complete, we were told not to miss the graveyard.




And never wanting to miss a graveyard, up the hill we went.



I thought it would be a joke, but no.




There were actual granite headstones.




One for each of the flavors that didn’t quite catch on.




I was sad to see Maine had been laid to rest…




But couldn’t fault killing this one off.







Most of them I hadn’t even heard of..




Which in this case…




Was a good thing.







And so as the sun set on the ice cream cemetery…




We left Ben and Jerry…




And their giant vats of creamy and sugary goodness behind.






I scream, you scream…..




Calm down. No one’s going Postal….

But we are going to Ben and Jerry’s for ice cream!




Nestled on a hillside in Waterbury, Vermont….. it’s the must stop tourist attraction that we’ve managed to avoid for years.




You enter through a forest of metal trees.




Follow the signs…




And find yourself in a cow filled world.




They’re on tee shirts in the gift store…




On the vintage Ben and Jerry’s bus…




Basically, everywhere you look.






I could, but how about a blurry shot of that rare genetic mutation… the clucking cow?




Having a few minutes to kill before the tour, the husband found an exhibit of antique ice cream scoops.




Some of which were kind of interesting.




Our tour guide was young and enthusiastic….




But you would be too if you took home 3 free pints of ice cream every day.

We were herded into a cow filled room (herded, get it?) and shown a cow filled film about the company’s origin.



When the tour commenced, I was told absolutely no pictures…

And a little part of me died.



We were given free samples, which I couldn’t photograph.




I know, but I did manage to bootleg this shot of their secret new flavor..




The tour included a history of the company’s charitable works and environmental programs…




Because you see, they were basically hippies who made good and had a strong commitment to social justice. If you’re interested, read this.

I admit to being disappointed that the company is no longer is privately owned, and was sold to Unilever (who make Breyers and Good Humor) for $326 million back in 2000.  Ben and Jerry are still on the board of directors however,  with 7.5% of profits going to the charitable foundation.

The tour ended with the wall of fame….




And the top ten flavors.

Mine came in #2..