I never thought I’d say it, but it’s true.


Yes, I hate to admit it…. but I do.

I like a Miley Cyrus song.

The annoying, immature, in your face, twerking, sexpot daughter of the Achy Breaky Heart guy. Ugh.

I never thought it would be possible but her new song “Flowers” has burrowed its way into my head and is happily stuck there.



Guess I’m not the only one.

Is she telling her ex husband Liam Hemsworth she’s finally over him and ready to move on? Definitely.

Is it turning into a monster women’s anthem of independence and empowerment? No doubt about it.

I still don’t like her… but it’s an ear worm that might be with me for a while.




27 thoughts on “I never thought I’d say it, but it’s true.”

  1. First Taylor, then Shakira and now Miley? Look I’m not one to judge…okay I am. But if she had the luck enough to marry a Hemsworth, (I mean look at the gene pool those boys carry.) I’m not saying they’re not without their flaws, sure they are for the most part normal guys with normal quirks.
    But I’m thinking it takes two to make a relationship work so, maybe it could be the both of you Miley. Just like Taylor Swift (don’t like her either) and her writing songs about her ex too….all her exes, the don’t live in Texas. How about write a song that says…..I like you but I think it didn’t work out because it might be me? Nope not listening to Miley anytime soon. Okay I’m done with my anti-Miley diatribe.

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  2. First time I’ve seen the video or heard the song. I think the song is pretty cool (and it looks like a bunch of other people agree), but I wasn’t a fan of the video at all. I think her “Party In The USA” is also a really good tune. Yeah, sounds like she’s putting the past behind her. Ya gotta be careful dating or marrying singers lest ye wind up being the subject of a future song that might not be so flattering. (I see you Taylor…)


  3. I didn’t want to go there. At first I was annoyed by her voice, then her gyrating. But you know what? Like you, in spite of myself, I like it. As a long-time single woman by choice (I learned this lesson long ago), some other conformist (and insecure?) women judge you for not having children or being in a partnership. Maybe this will stop those ignorant judgements and free some women?

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  4. Pre-skank Miley’s “Party in the USA” is a huge guilty fave of mine. If they haven’t played this over the speakers at work yet, I’m sure they will eventually, and I’ll wait until then to offer my judgment…

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