Necessity is the mother of invention.


Since we’ve established my husband doesn’t want me to lend a hand in the basement, alternative helpmates must be employed.



Meet the Dead Man.. otherwise known as my husband’s personal assistant. Since my spouse can’t lift, position and hold a piece of plywood over his head while screwing it into the floor joists, he built himself a friend. One who doesn’t offer advice or disagree with him like I do.

And speaking of holding things in place….



When the old insulation is ripped and starts to sag?

Grab a broom.



And balance that broom on a box, which is balanced on a few old books, which are top of another box which is on a table not meant to support that much weight.

Good times.



30 thoughts on “Necessity is the mother of invention.”

      1. He needs a lesson in humility. The world does not rest on his shoulders. No one gets through life by themselves. I used to be that way. It works better when he shares the load.

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