Let’s play.


You’ve been waiting all week for this. Admit it.



The only thing on my bedside table is a clock. The reason for this?



Lord Dudley Mountcatten… who has the endearing habit of jumping up there early in the morning to announce it’s time for the Royal breakfast to be served.

Reading glasses and book? Swatted to the floor.

iPhone and earbuds? Pushed off the edge.

Hand cream? Batted to the floor and chased under the bed.


A digital clock from Sharper Image that resets itself for daylight savings time and automatically finds the correct time if the power goes off. It’s small.. but a little too heavy for his lordship to fling off the nightstand.

What about you?

What’s on your nightstand…


38 thoughts on “Let’s play.”

  1. I’ve always had rather small bedside tables but they had shelves – so the only thing on top was a small clock and a small lamp – everything else – books etc went on the shelves. When I lived with cats I don’t recall any incursions. I did have pet steps so the cats could easily get up on the bed – you know, anything for the kitties…

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      1. Ah, well – Windows! I found cat trees that fit perfectly under the windows (we live in an apartment) and I had two in each room plus a chest with a thick cushion in the living/dining room – the wall space under the windows was completely covered up. I also crocheted ‘blankies’ for every place the cats favored – they did like their soft and fluffy.


  2. My books, my glasses, glass of water, tablet for music for the dogs….Sprint learned early on to NOT do that kind of stuff. Momma don’t suffer that kind stuff from him. Usually a stern word…..or a shove off whatever he’s not sposed to be on. I get a dirty look. And my stuff isn’t lost.

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      1. Stella and Louie listen to my tablet all day. Otherwise they would hear outside noises and bark




        This soothes them. White noise so to speak.

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      1. It is not that I live in an area like that, as I have never had to take action, it is because I have seen the worst in people and know stupidity has no conscience. If there is a .00001% chance someone could decide to target my family, then I have an obligation to protect them.


  3. Lamp, book(s), tissues . . . water on adjacent desk.

    The cats we’ve had were very good about NOT knocking stuff off surfaces. They tip-toed around so as not to disturb anything. It was a game for them.

    With one exception . . . the Christmas Train that got derailed more than once . . . with tracks strewn hither and yon.

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  4. Lamp,books, Fonster holds my glasses (he’s my Fuggler, by the way), to much paperwork crap. Thanks for the reminder, maybe I will sort that, later.
    My Fur-Children are old enough Not to knock stuff off. Although, there have been Times!


  5. An alarm clock and a weather station. The alarm clock is just a leftover from the days pre-iPhone. It does allow me to see the time at a glance. The weather station was a gift from my mother which gives the outdoor temp, indoor temp, the humidity inside, etc. And of course…the remote…always on my side!

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  6. The joys of being owned by a cat!
    I always have a glass of water, my phone, eye drops, and a book.

    Years ago, when we had cats, I woke up once in the middle of the night to a weird slurping sound….only to find a cat drinking from my water cup. Not sure how many times it happened over the years before that.

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