Oh, the places he’ll go.


Lord Dudley Mountcatten is a cat.

And as such, he is required to explore every square inch of his territory. This means whenever a drawer, door or cabinet is opened… he’s there.

Under the kitchen sink? Yes.

The spare bedroom closet? Absolutely.

So when I went searching for that old photo of our trip to Washington DC the other day? A new opportunity opened up for His Lordship.



It was somewhere he’d never been before and he took full advantage…. even though there wasn’t much room to recline.



Ugh. The pre-digital, cell phone accessible photos days.

How did we ever survive that? It took me almost an hour to find one stupid picture.


33 thoughts on “Oh, the places he’ll go.”

  1. It’s amazing where they can fit isn’t it? Have you thought of digitizing your old school pictures? I started a couple of years ago and I’m still not done. But those that o have I can find easily. You should think about it.

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      1. Yeah, nope! See, I grew up in the Stone Age, so I am still a cave woman. Photos get dumped in a shoe box and the next box only starts because the old one is full or… (arguably)temporarily lost. Photo books were for people with the energy to bother with such things. In my whole life, I only ever made 6 photo books. 2 were for homework assignments and 3 were how a photographer gave me the pictures they took for me to choose the ones I liked. The last one was for my grandmother – I don’t think it was a gift, I think I helped make it for her funeral. I don’t remember. I actually think it was both – my sisters and I got the brilliant idea to make one for her birthday for her… and we ended up doing it for her funeral. I’m pretty sure.

        But yes, cave woman here.
        “You want a picture of the whole family in East Japip specifically on the 47th of Julober? Check the blue and green shoe box with the yellow stripe. No, YELLOW! That’s clearly
        Yellow-green, ding bat. It’s not impossible, it’s there! Stop whining. Oh forget it. Give it here. There ya go. Wow, you’re so dramatic!” 😂

        Just because stones are no longer the age we are in doesn’t mean the cave woman went away. It’s irksome because I know where the picture is… kind of. It’s like “oh, that picture is on the iPhone in the red case in the middle drawer next to the computer that doesn’t work. Don’t argue, IT IS!” And by golly, it most likely is, but a CHARGING CABLE for an iphone3 is not as easy to come by as a shoe box! Folders? Albums? This is too much like civilized woman for me 😂

        Also, the same holds true for SD cards (I know which card and where I stashed it, but the whole getting things from on it to where I can look at it is a little convoluted considering all of the cameras are long since decreased). So my photo roll on my current phone is just a smash-and-grab of what I have yanked from the other sources before that tech decided to obsolete itself and I can’t find anything. My phone organized it by date, and faces, but I can’t find anything. I know the picture was from Christmas 2019 and had my mom. I go to Christmas 2019 and can’t find it. I go to all of the pics of my mom and can’t find it. I start to think I imagined it and the pic never existed. I search 400 more times. Nothing. The whopping 7 photos I took that day, and none of them are the one I’m looking for!!! Then someone else, ANYONE ELSE, just finds it in like 2 seconds. Jerks. Yeah. Gimme a box of disorganized chaos and about 4 minutes, I’m golden. Give me 7 images on my phone and 3 weeks and I’m just in tears.

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  2. I love that curiousity about cats, but then I absolutely love them and his lordship of course.
    It’s not that I find it easier having the photos in but I love the way they lead me to others and then I’m lost going down that eternal lane called memory. I don’t get the same sensation looking through either a physical or digital album.

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    1. I agree with you there. Sitting on the couch with an old album on your lap and flipping through the past is much more enjoyable than scrolling a phone….
      But when it comes to finding one particular picture? Digital wins.


      1. You never know until you try. A 2 month old kitten is usually best I find when introducing new felines into our house. It takes a few days of hissing and fake fighting, but the kitten always wins the older cats over.. They need help adjusting, and teaching them the house rules makes the older cats feel proud of themselves. 90% of cats are actually very social animals. Our thee girls, ages 16, 5 and 2 play games together all night, while the two boys are often seen in tandem because the younger 5 year old worships his big brother annd follows him everywhere, except when big brother wants his own space.

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