St. Patrick’s Day with a Scot.


We didn’t have any specific plans for St.Patricks Day so after running a few morning errands we decided to stop at our local pub for lunch on the way home .

Appropriate beverages were consumed.



Noticing the owner, and our favorite Scottish bartender, was slightly out of sorts… we inquired as to the reason.

Turns out he’d wanted the day off… because while most people enjoy that holiday? He hates it.

Naturally I asked why.

“Because I’m tired of everyone asking me what part of Ireland I’m from.”

Which probably explained the sentiment on his shirt.


☘️ 🤣 ☘️


11 thoughts on “St. Patrick’s Day with a Scot.”

    1. It was funny. While I understand having your accent misidentified could be annoying, he was disproportionately ticked off. So of course, everyone got a bigger kick out of the holiday just to spite him.

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  1. Well, I can sort of relate….sort of. In DC I got asked three times what part of Mexico I was from. I finally had to say, I’m from Texas. Then all the “How long do you have to drive to get to work from Texas to NM?” It’s like these peeps had never seen a map to look at how close Texas and New Mexico are, ugh. I turned to my boss and as we walked to our rooms the first night of our conference and said “A lot of people here are a few cans short of a six pack.” He laughed it off and said not to let it get to me. Easier said than done. So I understand his annoyance.

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      1. Yes, you have a point. He should be a bit more thick skinned lol. That’s why I couldn’t be a bartender, even though I can take it as much as I dish it. My sarcastic nature would tend to rub customers the wrong way, lol.

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