Now that’s a birthday present!


I’ve never been thrilled with celebrating my birthday.

I don’t want a party.

I don’t want to stand on a restaurant table and have waiters sing to me. What am I…. 3?

And please, don’t throw me a surprise party. If people jump out behind doors and furniture and scare me? They’re apt to get punched.

The older I get the less I enjoy the event, so a nice dinner out and some flowers is usually how my husband marks the occasion. But after seeing what my girlfriend’s hubby did for her?

I realize mine has been slacking for a long time.




This was her birthday present.




A convertible 442 Olds.

But the really amazing part was this was what it looked like when he first bought it:





A year long full restoration?




Now that’s true love.


15 thoughts on “Now that’s a birthday present!”

    1. Okay, so … he bought it for her. Gave it to her. Restored it for her. But she has not technically driven it yet. “Just a little more work” he keeps saying. I think he’s having separation anxiety!

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  1. Hmmm? I’ve never gotten anything at all as amazing for my birthday as that car. Not sure that I want the care and upkeep of such a sweet ride, but still… he’s been slacking, too.


  2. I learned to drive in a 1969 Oldsmobile Cutlass convertible ~ it looked a lot like your friend’s restored car.

    I checked. Your husband says that once he’s finished the barn, he can get started on your Birthday Present.

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