You can’t make this stuff up…..


Yes, this is really happening.



Animal rights organization PETA said Wednesday it had asked the Maine Department of Transportation (DOT) for permission to build a “roadside memorial” along Route 1 near the site of an Aug. 22 crash in Brunswick involving a truck carrying live lobster.

On Aug. 22, a Cozy Harbor Seafood Inc. truck transporting an estimated 7,000 lobsters packaged in 60-70 crates rolled over along Route 1 in Brunswick, sending many of the live crustaceans into the road and ditch. Police said hydroplaning likely caused the crash.

(Click the link to view the carnage)

All lobsters were removed from the scene and many were deemed no longer sellable.

“Countless sensitive crustaceans experienced an agonizing death when this truck rolled over and their bodies came crashing down onto the highway,” said PETA Executive VP Tracy Reiman. “PETA hopes to pay tribute to these individuals who didn’t want to die with a memorial urging people to help prevent future lobster suffering.”


Does PETA realize where those lobsters were headed?
News flash –
It wasn’t Club Med.
The five foot tall tombstone memorial proposal was shot down and denied by the Maine DOT this afternoon.
You can’t make this stuff up.
Image result for make love not stew lobster

26 thoughts on “You can’t make this stuff up…..”

  1. More people are killed every year than that crash. I saw this. I don’t believe in PETA. Not when they kill the dogs they get, throw them in trash bags and put them in a dumpster. Nope. PETA is NOT what it claims to be. (well, other than stupid)

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    1. Yeah, I’m finding that out…. They’ve certainly got their sights set on Maine right now. First the Jetport sign, now this. Mainers take their lobster industry seriously, they’re not making many friends here.

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      1. PETA doesn’t make friends anywhere. And when those that DO like them find out all the crap they pull, they leave too.


  2. I’ve been a vegetarian for 20+ years. We don’t eat much seafood. But we still enjoy the occasional lobster. :mrgreen:

    Thanks for sharing this moving Maine memorial moment with us.


  3. I wonder how many lobsters they could save if they “didn’t” put up such a memorial.
    In other news, with all the added publicity, lobster sales goes through the roof.
    I used to eat a lot of lobster, now I live further south, but every now and then…


  4. As you know I am NOT a vegan nor am I a member of PETA but some childhood memory (from a movie?) stays with me of a lobster silently screaming as it is thrown in boiling water!!! Okay, “You can’t make this stuff up…..”


  5. Look, I’m all for eating less meat because it’s good for a person’s health and it’s good for the environment–but PETA is F’ing crazy. Whenever they’re mentioned, I just want to get vindictive and eat as much meat as I can without puking. When someone tells me they belong to PETA, I’m like, well, this friendship is going nowhere, so if you could kindly leave…


      1. Agreed. I’ve fantasized about eating an endangered animal in front of them…but realized that was taking it too far. 🤣

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  6. A spiritualist oriole told me that many of the lobsters who crossed over that day were happy for an alternative ending, as they had spent their entire lives consumed with the fear of being boiled alive. Further, being ground down and boiled for memorials is a worry which weighs heavy on the minds of most limestone. We all must do what we can.


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