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Dinner in Baileys Island


It was a lovely drive along the coast…



And though I would have loved to stop and snap some photos, the husband was hungry… so you’ll have to make do with a few quick shots from the car.



Here’s the famous Cribstone Bridge.



And as you’ve probably guessed, lobster reigns supreme.



This was our destination, Cooks Lobster and Ale House.



A local landmark built in 1955 on a long spit of land with panoramic water views. Popular with locals and tourists alike (although we locals don’t appreciate the tourist prices) it’s a no fuss, traditionally rustic waterfront restaurant.



But what it lacks in decor? It makes up in scenic vistas. The view from our table was pretty sweet.



The cocktails are potent.



And two Cosmopolitans were all I could handle if I wanted to remain upright.



Pardon the fuzzy pic, it was taken through a screen.



The food is simple but delicious. Caesar salad (with the most amazing homemade herb butter croutons evah!) for me, a tasty French onion soup for my other half.



Perfectly cooked lightly battered fried sea scallops for me….



And lazy lobster for my rat bastard husband who ate it in front of me without feeling the least bit guilty. (I came up allergic 7 years ago and can no longer consume the delicious crustaceans without becoming seriously ill. 😩)



Dessert? Of course it was blueberry pie. And as we waddled out to the car… we stopped for a moment to take in the beauty.



And realized the husband might have backed up a bit too far upon arrival.



Maine rocks. They’re unforgiving little devils.


Maine speak… part one.


If you’ve ever visited my state and had a conversation with the locals, you might have been baffled by some of our regional expressions. You had no idea what the hell we were talking about? No worries… I’m here to help.



We say this a lot. (But please ignore the ‘how’. It should be now.)



Hint – “The County” is usually uttered with derision in southern Maine. Aroostook is potato country, way up by the Canadian border…. we have to pump sunlight to those people.



This a is a very popular word in my neck of the woods. It affirms a position as well as cutting off the need for further discussion. Mainers can be a taciturn bunch.



Personally, I don’t use this term. The word tourist and it’s synonyms… snowbirds, outta staters, Massholes ( specific to people from the Boston area ) are much more common. But these people do swarm our best areas from June to September and are extremely easy to spot.



Like this couple we saw the other day.

Mainers. Do. Not. Wear. Bibs. When. Eating. Lobster.




A green Red Claw?


Ten years ago Maine debuted its first NBA G league basketball team.



And naturally its mascot was a lobster. The lobster art has morphed over the years…



But it has remained a red cooked lobster. Hence the name… ‘Red Claws’.

Mainers. We’re so clever, it hurts.



Okay, so sometimes the mascot looks more like a demonic ant….



A demonic ant on steroids.



But ya gotta admit, the dude’s got game.

Everything was going well, and in the ten years since it’s inception… the team has won three division titles. But in 2019?



The Boston Celtics bought our team. And this year?



They not only renamed our team the Maine Celtics….



They turned our red lobster green!

The Green Claws?

That’s just wrong. In so many ways.


You show me yours, I’ll show you mine.


Now, now… don’t get excited. I live in Maine, I’m talking lobster.



There was a state wide contest and even our local pub co owner joined in.



Ooh… a blue!



If you’ve never done it, or even thought about it? Trust me, lobstering is hard work.



You battle the weather, the equipment and the ocean. Fisherman die or are lost at sea every year. I’ve personally known two.



And yes..



Lobsters really are this small in the beginning.



Cuddly? Not so much.

But damn, they sure are tasty.


Vintage recycling.


Since I multi purposed our giant crock as a trash can, I decided I wanted something equally fun and antiquey for returnables.

You would think shopping in my husband’s vast array of crap stuff would yield the appropriate receptacle, but sadly nothing was found. Which is when my spouse gleefully suggested we visit the antique mall.



I was on a mission and didn’t dilly dally. The same can not be said for my spouse.



I moved him quickly away from this horror…



Because right now the only thing the barn Mahal doesn’t have is a kitchen sink… and I wasn’t taking any chances.



Fresh lobster made us laugh. There’s nothing worse than cheeky crustaceans.



I had my eye on that wagon to the right. But at $520 it seemed a bit pricey for empty beer bottles.



Even the chicken thought so.

And then I found it…



Buried in the back and full of oars.



$50 later…. the old barrel with original lid… made a perfect returnable container.


The Farnsworth Art Museum, Rockland, Maine…. A. Wyeth, a fiber crow and some claws.


This is a place I’ve always wanted to visit but never have… so on a rainy, blustery day a while back? We did.

The Farnsworth  is famous in these parts for it’s extensive collection of Maine artists….




With the Wyeth’s being front and center.

I’ve always liked Andrew, and on the day we visited there was a special exhibit of his work from WW1.




Art is a strange thing, and totally subjective… so what moves me might leave you flat.

But hey, it’s my blog. My choice.

This simple painting of a helmet filled with pine cones for example.




You’ll have to pardon the reflections in a lot of these shots…. it’s nearly impossible to avoid with the bright gallery lights and glass.




While not known for his portraiture…




This series of photos showing Wyeth at work was quite interesting.

As was the case filled with drawings he did at the age of 8.





I’m pretty sure my 8 year old artwork looked something like this:




The next gallery showcased Wyeth’s Maine pieces.




And trust me, they really capture the feel of our coast.




There was also a section of these…








Which looked much better without the reflection of the paintings from the other side of the room.




But you get the idea.




Nothing says Halloween in Maine like a skeletal ship’s captain.




Making our way through the museum we found a fiber artist….




Who had some unusual installations…




Proving that art comes in all shapes and sizes.




Down the stairs and into the main gallery…




A tribute to Maine’s agrarian culture…




And it’s crustaceans.




Yes, that is a marvelous pile of blown glass lobster claws.




It should be noted that while I grew up strolling happily around MOMA in New York, the husband has absolutely no tolerance for modern art.




And I have to admit….. watching him puzzle over what he’s looking at is half the fun of visiting museums together.




I keep telling him that it’s more important to experience art, to feel it… than to understand it.




But he just wrinkles his nose and says….

“Yes. But what the hell is it?”




There were a few  Rockwell Kent  pieces….




Whose work has sold for hundreds of thousands of dollars.

As well as this:




A table to draw a self portrait.




Which made me very glad we hadn’t run into this fellow.

To be continued….





Things I like today…. part 8.


I like….


Have you tried them yet?




Well, what are you waiting for?



I like….

Taking a break on our deck after mowing the lawn a few weeks ago, and having a friend show up.




I thought for sure he’d run when he saw me. But he took a good look, deemed me no immediate threat and happily settled in for a nap.

Until the husband opened the door and scared him off.




I like….

Reading that a lobsterman in Falmouth caught a rare 1 in 100 million cotton candy blue lobster….


IMG_E5808 (2)


Took a picture… and donated him to an aquarium where he never has to worry about being captured or eaten again.


I like…

Amazing sunrises in our backyard.




I like….

Driving home along country roads this time of year and seeing the trees bursting with color.


Autumn in New England is hard to beat.



Life is good!


Pepper’s Landing


A restaurant review in which we make cocks out of mocks.



I’ll explain later…

Pepper’s Landing is a new seafood place we’d been wanting to try.




It follows the latest trend of slightly industrial looking spaces, with exposed duct work and open rafters.




Being Maine, naturally there’s a live lobster tank.

And being allergic, naturally they sat me right next to it. Cruel and unusual punishment to be sure.

There was also this handy technical breakdown for the lobsterly challenged among us.




I got a huge kick out of this as no Mainer worth their salt would ever eat the body (carapace).  Of course no Mainer would ever call it a carapace either.

Though  “Do not eat head” is always sound advice in a restaurant.



But call me crazy, I don’t think advertising your lobster as “stringy” and “gamey” is going to win many converts.

Moving on…




I opted for a blueberry martini, which was delightfully potent… but my girlfriend chose the Blue Atlantic mocktail….




And then added two shots of Grey Goose.

Putting the cock in her mock.

Fresh blueberries, fresh basil…. it was fabulous! And what we drank from then on.




We saw some massive bar pretzels going by, but opted for blueberry bbq wings…




And crab quesadillas instead.




Wings? Quite good.

Quesadillas? Not nearly enough crab.

Perhaps they fought back in the kitchen…



I chose the seafood pasta, which was basically scampi…




And though it looked bland…. it was fresh, perfectly cooked and with just the right amount of garlic.

Husband went with baked haddock in sherried butter and lobster cream sauce with asparagus.




Pardon the blurred photo, I think the Grey Goose was kicking in.




Dessert was cheesecake for the husband.




And a traditional Maine Whoopie Pie for me.

Slightly disappointing as it had been frozen and hadn’t thawed out properly. One should not risk breaking a tooth when one eats a Whoopie.


B – ,  but worth trying again.

The post in which River goes to a Lobster Festival but can’t eat lobster.


The following is proof that my husband can inflict cruel and unusual punishment.

It happened at The 72nd Maine Lobster Festival in Rockland, Maine.

We lucked out and found a parking spot close to the festival, and it was across the street from the Trade Winds resort where I spotted the first lobster.




Although it looked more like a demented crawfish…




The stupid thing had teeth!

This did not bode well for the day….




But the weather was perfect…




And we were near the ocean.

It doesn’t get much better than that…




Or does it?


There be Pirates.




Pirates on the boats…




Pirates on the piers…




Basically, there were pirates everywhere.






And as much as I tried to avoid it?




There was lobster.

Mocking me and my damned allergy.



World’s Largest Lobster cooker?




Yup… that too.



We passed lobster rolls, lobster stew, lobster quesadillas, lobster mac and cheese, lobster chowder, lobster Caesar salad, lobster wontons, even lobster risotto balls….

And then there was this:




Me…. sitting in a tent, surrounded by people eating lobster.




I had to sit and watch my husband as he oohed and ahhed over every last sweet, fresh from the water, dripping in melted butter, bite.

Cruel and unusual to be sure.



It wasn’t easy.

I tried to find solace in a crabmeat roll…




And the required  I’m at a street festival and have to eat the junkiest, highest calorie  thing I can find  fried dough.




It was good… but it wasn’t lobster.

Cursing my treacherous body,  I pulled up my big girl panties and soldiered on.




We strolled through the art show…




And into the lobster trap lined entrance to the craft show.




Where the husband bought organic natural honey…




And we saw a buoy that believed size does matter….




There was another tent filled with lobster eaters…




And King Neptune….




Who looked a little lost.




The King is quite popular at the festival….




And people line up for photos whenever he walks by.


Trump - Sinking Ship


My lobster-less belly aside, it was a fun day.




And Rockland is a fun town.

Although I have to admit, the children do look a little….