You’re never too old to learn…. Chakra Toning.



It’s that time again.




Maine continuing education says tone up your Chakra!



Oops… my bad. Not that kind of toning.


Toning for Chakras and Wellbeing

Your voice is one of the most powerful tools of all to reset your entire being to natural healthy patterns. One of the most powerful ways of using the voice to stimulate healing is called toning. In this class you will be introduced to a number of different systems for toning your chakras. We will complete one full sequence together, it is simple, easy and really feels good. No discounts.


Apologies to all the new age spiritual healers out there, but this sounds like utter nonsense.

Even the description is lame. “… simple, easy and really feels good.”

Well I’ve got news for you, so do Jello shots and I don’t need to pay anyone to teach me how to do them. Tip, swallow, repeat. Easy peasy.

Granted my Chakra is probably not up to date….




Or properly aligned.




But to be honest, I really don’t care.

Heck you can do a quick tune up online for free….



Why pay for a class?

Besides, I tone my voice at home all the time. Why, just the other day I chanted Nooooooo! for a full two minutes when I realized we were out of Klondike Bars.

It was quite cleansing.

Not to mention cheaper.

1 session, Thursday Nov. 15  6:00-8:00pm

$35 non refundable.



22 thoughts on “You’re never too old to learn…. Chakra Toning.”

      1. And like the concentric circles rippling from a pebble tossed in a lake, the peace and goodwill would flow from our circle and encompass the globe…and the peoples of the world would rejoice!


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