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Strange things seen while shopping.


Shopping trips with girlfriends are always fun. We shop, we laugh, we drink, we shop, we laugh, we post pictures of stupid things we see on social media.

Like this sign I saw at the Salvation Army thrift store.



Um…. it’s a thrift store.

Isn’t everything unwanted?



Pinkfang. Because nothing says Easter like a row of razor sharp shark teeth.



This. In case your toilet bowl needs to see a little more action.

Moving on, I saw the next horror at T.J.Max.



Giant wicker pineapples. (There’s a woman walking by on the top left for scale.) And if the mere existence of these things isn’t stupid enough?



Because you know someone, somewhere had to do it for there be a prohibitive sign.



Goodwill is good for the soul.


A girlfriend and I hit Goodwill the other day and if nothing else, it’s a great place to pick up cheap books.



16 books for $21? A little slice of heaven right there.

Of course, even thrift store shopping isn’t immune to politics these days…



And while I didn’t buy that tee shirt, I did buy this one. Because, honestly…. I had to.



I shall wear it and point at myself the next time my husband disagrees with me. That should go over well.

My girlfriend was in the mood for Cracker Barrel so that’s where we headed for lunch. The restaurant was almost empty but the hostess told us there would still be a 20-25 minute wait to be seated due to short staffing. (I’m seriously tired of waiting for meals… have all the pre Covid waiters and waitresses been abducted by aliens and given the anal probe? If not… please go back to work. River be hungry. )

Since it was raining we chose to wander the store instead of sitting outside on the rocking chairs, and that’s where I saw this:



For which I have no logical explanation.

But perhaps the biggest surprise of the day?



Alcohol… at Cracker Barrel!

When did that happen? Granted it’s not a favorite restaurant of mine and I probably haven’t stepped foot in one since my mother passed but it seems like I would have noticed such a momentous event.

Since their beer was dishwater I opted for a mimosa, which was close to dishwater only fizzy… but yes, it was alcohol!

At Cracker Barrel!

The world really has gone mad.


Goodwill horrors.


Thrift store shopping is always an adventure. And while it’s true you have to sort through a lot of trash, sometimes you find a treasure. My girlfriend and I used to make monthly pilgrimages to various shops and believe me when I say we have found some seriously odd things. So when I came across this article about the strange things Goodwill employees find, I knew I had to share.



A suitcase full of dildos? Well, I suppose you could repurpose them like this woman did.




Yikes. I don’t imagine the kangaroo was too happy about that.



Damn. I wondered why I couldn’t find mine.




Is it me? Or are you noticing the distinct trend toward the penile at Goodwill..



They’re probably right. But it wouldn’t have been me.


Random things I saw today….


In the parking lot of a restaurant I saw –

The best damn car seat covers…





If these don’t stop your mother in law from asking you for a ride?

Nothing will.

At Goodwill I saw –




Technically no, Richard…. no one said sale.

It’s just thrifting.




But may I say…..eeewww.

Clearly there is no quality control in the thrift store business.

This was a sleeve of a blouse with hair covered velcro on the end.

Why did it have hair covered velcro on the end?



It’s Goodwill. How the hell should I know?

And finally I saw…




A full grown pregnant doe terrified of a chipmunk.

He was sitting on the edge of the stone wall, chipping… as chipmunks are wont to do.

And she wouldn’t come any closer.




I don’t speak chipmunk, but maybe….




He’d had a bad day.








Epic thrift store finds.


I read an article the other day about the crazy things people find at thrift stores. This was right up my alley as I used to post my wackadoodle discoveries as well.

If you’ve never thrifted?

You’ve never really shopped.

I mean really…. where else can you find these treasures.

Searching for fine literature?




Find it at the Thrift store.

Not being a musher, I was totally unaware sexual preference was even a factor.

Go figure.


When you’re in need of a box of decapitated doll heads?




And let’s be honest…

Who isn’t these days?





They’re at the Thrift store.


When you’re searching for a little extra something to compliment the dogs playing poker velvet wall hanging in your living room?




You’ll find it at the Thrift store.

Shells playing poker are perfect.


Fido’s constant shedding driving you nuts?




Thrift store to the rescue.

Beat grandma to the punch this Christmas and give her the ugly sweater.


Can’t find that just right gift for the dominatrix in your life?




Look no more…. your local thrift store has S&M Teddy.

Her heart will melt, and then she’ll whip heart shaped cuts on your thighs.

It’s a win win.


And speaking of gifts…

Those hard to buy for people?

They’d love a vomit clock from the Thrift store.




Yes, that was the description the person who found it gave in the article.

Vomit clock.

I’m hoping  (really, really hoping)  that it’s just heavily shellacked pebbles in a putrid pink hue.

But hey, it came from a thrift store….

Anything’s possible.





Are we doing this now?



As I was thrift store shopping with a friend this week, I ran cross an item that shouldn’t surprise me.




Because yes, we probably have become this lazy.

Now granted, we all have our moments.




But if the day comes when it requires too much effort to hold your own phone?




P.S.  It should be noted that when I first saw read the box I thought…

#1.  It was made by a brand named Absurdo… which seemed entirely plausible.


#2.   That it would only rotate your neck if your neck was soft…. and I wondered what kind of neck I had, why I needed product assistance to rotate it, would said rotation hurt, did it come in different sizes for different sized necks like football players and giraffes, and how I would go about finding out.

Because sometimes, my mind just goes to odd places and I can’t get it back.