And the summer sucking project turns another corner.


Yeah, we’re still at it.




Another corner turned, another paper wall flapping in the breeze.




I am officially sick of vinyl siding.

If you’ve ever put it on, you know what I mean. If you’re thinking of putting it on? Don’t. Second mortgage the house, sell a future unnamed child… whatever it takes…. and hire a professional. Yes they charge an utter fortune, and now I know why. This stuff will drive you to drink.




Yes, he screwed that in place. And no, he was too annoyed to answer my innocent WTF question.

Hell, even the dog looked confused.

(Not ours, we were dog sitting for the farmers over the weekend. Dogs, chickens…. whatcha got? We’ll watch them all!)

Please let it be noted I cringed when I saw this –




Because when your husband pays $4,000 to fix scratches and paint his old truck? And then uses it as a workbench?







But the back was finished…




With the third side well on it’s way.

And in case you’re thinking all I do is take blog pictures while he’s hard at work, think again.




I have to take up the mowing slack this project has left behind.




And trust me, it’s a lot of mowing.




I earn my keep.




If only I had a little help…


29 thoughts on “And the summer sucking project turns another corner.”

  1. I agree with the above comment about having a couple or dozen goats to give you a helping hand with the mowing! But with no trees in the way…this is a piece of land I would love to mow. Get on the rider and just you and your thoughts. Fred is doing an excellent job. He is really a jack of all trades, that man is!! I’ve told you before and will say it again….I love where you guys live. Its so…so…homey and country! I β™₯ country.

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    1. In a perfect world, with a new building… it might be fine. But this garage was built in 1974 with a woodshed and storage room added on in the 90’s. Nothing is straight, or level or even laid out evenly. It’s been a nightmare.


    1. It’s not nagging. Or picking. It’s called constructive criticism and you men need to learn how to take it without having your precious egos bruised. Lord knows he corrects me when I’m doing something stupid!


  2. I’ve never dealt personally with vinyl siding. It looks like a nightmare and you’re brave to go near it.

    [I have been part of a husband/wife team that painted the exterior of our house. Together. Once. And remained married. We now pay for someone else to do that.]

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