Class is in session.




I admit when I chose this week’s course I thought it was a joke.

But clearly I am woefully uninformed because Pickleball really is a thing.



Beginner Pickleball.

Have you heard the buzz about Pickleball and wondered what it was all about? Come learn to play this wonderful paddle sport, suitable for all ages. Taught by an experienced tennis professional who has become a Pickleball devotee, this class will have you playing in no time. Paddles and balls supplied. Bring tennis shoes to put on when you arrive (no street shoes allowed on the courts).




I had visions of this:




But no…. it really does exist.

There are courts, equipment, instructors, a magazine and evidently…





After doing a little research, I discovered it’s a rather slow paced game primarily embraced by the retired set.

Although not without it’s vanguard.




And hey,  if you’re lucky enough to live in Pittsburgh…

(Yes, I said that with a straight face.)




So maybe I’d better get a jump on my sunset years, grab a ball and start pickling.

Who’s with me?

Wednesdays  5:30-7:30 pm for 6 weeks.

$59/$64  Non refundable.







30 thoughts on “Class is in session.”

      1. BFF and I took ONE pickle ball lesson and decided that the game might be “easier” on the joints than tennis but the scoring was WAY too “cumbersome” and the placement of people on the court was WAY too “particular” ~> a highly choreographed dance (“do-si-do your partner”).

        So now we stick with ping pong (aka table tennis) ~ simple scoring, no partners to contend with, AND . . . we can play in air conditioned comfort! 😀

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  1. I’ve never heard of pickeball, but I’ll pass if it comes to my area. For $59, I could see a bunch of movies starring handsome young men or read a bunch of trashy romance novels. Being on a court with half-naked, paunchy old guys doesn’t appeal to me, even if I am the same age as them.

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  2. …..and to think….I always only thought you could EAT pickles, all this time. Man, was I totally misinformed! If I have pickleball to look forward too in my retirement age, I better practice up on my serve. I’m headed into Costco this afternoon for a gross of pickles and practice this week end! 😉

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  3. What a fun post! My daughter’s in-laws spend time in The Villages in FL and LOVE playing pickleball. I’ve yet to try it. But I have a good friend who lives in Pittsburgh (and feels lucky to live there), and I’ll ask her if she’s played it. We’re actually meeting up soon …. in FL! 🙂

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