A fashion question.


I was flipping through New York magazine the other day…

And being from Maine, one particular photograph struck me.

It was of a Dolce and Gabbana evening gown.




And it got me wondering.

Exactly to what kind of high society event does one wear a giant lobster claw?

I could see her snatching a champagne flute off a waiter’s tray with it, sure.

And maybe crushing some Harvey Weinstein like idiot’s roving hand.

But still.

It seems a trifle cumbersome for a night on the town.

27 thoughts on “A fashion question.”

  1. First of all, I want to apologize for being a very bad blogger buddy. My day job has me so busy that I can’t keep up with you over-achievers who write almost every day. LOL

    Second, I would wear a lobster claw outfit to a really swanky party with really swanky people. Lobster is appropriate in that situation, right???

    Third, since you are allergic to lobster, would this outfit make you physically ill?

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    1. 1- No worries, my blogs are usually fluff and fooliness so it’s perfectly acceptable to miss a few. Or a few hundred, your call.
      2- In Maine we call ’em bugs, and we used to feed them to prisoners…. so swanky is not the first word that comes to mind when we ponder the bottom dwelling creatures.
      3- I only become ill when physically ingesting the delicious beasts so lobster fashion would be safe…. if not particularly trendy.


  2. River,
    I want to see a celebrity wear this to some awards show and then hear all of the best/worst dressed comments the next day. Any thoughts on which celebrity would most likely wear this? My pick would be the singer from Iceland (can’t think of her name right now!) followed closely by Lady Gaga.

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