It’s that time of year again.





Our backyard trees are full of apples and I’ve been picking like crazy.




Well no, I didn’t.




But yesterday I made apple bread and Norwegian apple pie, so that’s just as good.




Autumn in Maine is pretty damn fabulous, not to mention colorful. The trees are starting to turn, our neighbor is harvesting pumpkins from his fields and if you drop by the house this month you’ll be stuffed full of baked apple treats.




My glazed apple bundt cake is pretty special, although the secret ingredient may have something to do with it.





We do apples up right at River’s house.


27 thoughts on “It’s that time of year again.”

  1. Apples are my favorite food and Autumn is my favorite season, so this post is my favorite post ever! So far we’re stuck in summer here– hot and humid and no sign of color on the trees. While it’ll be nowhere as spectacular here as it is where you live, I like our fall colors… when they get here.

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  2. I love apples to death, so I’d be in heaven being around an apple tree. I love a slice of cheese melted on top of a slice of apple pie, yumsters! Oh and leave that bottle of Jack. After eating a raw apple, what’s say, a shot straight up, wouldn’t hit the spot just as well?!? 😉

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  3. We had a pear tree at our last house. My fault – when we were looking to add a tree for shade, I thought a fruit tree would be lovely, and every one else had apple trees. The very first Fall, I learned the error of my ways. Damn, those pears can be dangerous. They land on your head, they’re slippery on the ground – and it’s a pain in the butt to pick up hundreds of pears that are slippery and half-eaten by the squirrels and other critters (although it used to be fun to watch the squirrels get drunk on them towards the end of the season). We couldn’t even eat the pears because our goofy next-door neighbor continually let her pool leak into our yard, and I was afraid to eat pears that had soaked up massive amounts of chlorine. Apparently, chlorinated pears don’t bother squirrels, or maybe the chlorine adds to the drunken fun, who knows?

    Anyway, I was happy when we looked at our new house and saw no fruit trees, and the leaf-dropping trees are well off to the sides of the property so raking is minimal. But then I discovered just this summer that there is, in fact, a crabapple tree. Crap. Those little apples are every bit as annoying as those darn pears were. Although the squirrels and birds see to be enjoying them.

    Your baked goods look wonderful. Nothing says autumn like pie made from fresh-picked apples.


      1. It’s been my experience that if you don’t prune, they’ll produce every other year, but I think it’s been two years since we pruned and there were not enough apples to make sauce, pies, tarts, and crumble. Low yield. I don’t know when we’ll get them done. :/ I’d like to add more varieties. Dunno when I’ll do that either. Oy.

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  4. Just had an apple, huckleberry tart the other day that was freaking amazing! Don’t even know what a huckleberry is, just thought he was a character from Mark Twain, but it was delicious! We are finally getting cooler weather — highs in the low to mid 70’s — perfect fair weather! So Jack, apples and cooler temps? Sign me up! Mona

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